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Oct 28, 2015 | Technology

How to Access Selective Data from Backup File In Windows 10 OS?

How to Access Selective Data from Backup File In Windows 10 OS?

Data is the asset of all enterprises or organizations and it needs to be protected for the growth of business. One of the threats that can cause in the business field is data loss. If the data is lost or damaged, business will be adversely affected. Since the loss of information brings a lot of troubles, organizations backups their data at any cost.

Windows XP has its own backup utility feature which helps in the restoration of backup files. The backup file created is .bkf file and is only related to Windows XP Backup. However, the NTBackup utility supports Windows 7/8/10 but, the NTBackup is used to restore only those files whose catalog is not missed or if the .bkf file is not damaged. Anyhow, in-order to access BKF file in Windows 10 using this utility, users will have to get some files such as;

  • ntbackup.exe
  • vssapi.dll
  • ntmsapi.dll

Without the support of these files the ntbackup.exe cannot be made working. How the utility does the restoration of backup files? Let us have a check on the steps.

Manual Restoration
For running the utility, the furthermost thing is to collect the above mentioned files. The utility is available for downloading from;
If the files are collected then follow;

  1. Create folder for NTBackup in Windows 10
  2. Copy files collected
  3. Run ntbackup.exe
  4. Choose the restore option
  5. Specify the backup file that you would like to catalog
  6. Proceed until the restoration is done

In this way one can restore the BKF file in Windows 10. However, the important hidden secret of the utility is it restores only healthy files and doesn’t provide the access of selective data from the backup files.

Consider the scenario;
Suppose, you have a backup file which you created from the Windows XP machine and need to access some of the data from that backup file in Windows 10. But, the file is corrupted.

If the file is healthy then, with the above steps you can open or restore the file in Windows 10. But, if the file is corrected or damaged, it will show error messages while running. Another, the following steps doesn’t enable the functioning of selective access of data from the backup file. With the utility, users can only restore or backup the files. Access to some portion is not allowed.

How to restore the corrupted .bkf files? Is there any possibility to access the selective data from the backup files? How to restore selective portion of the file?

As so far, there are no manual procedures found for the restoration of .bkf file in Windows 10 as well as any method for selective access or restoration of backup file is not found.

Third Party Tool - BKF Recovery
SysTools BKF Recovery Tool helps the users to restore the selective data from the backup file. Being a Windows supported tool, it facilitates its support in Windows 10 as well. With the help of this utility, users can restore those data that are meant for them. For achieving this specific scan, "Range Based Scan" feature is implemented. For example, users can specify the range between 10 to 40 percent, which will scan this percentage of BKF file only. This will help the users by saving the time and effort if the data location is known. Apart from range based scan, users can get a full scan and restoration of the corrupted or damaged BKF file.

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