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January 17, 2014 | Technology

How Can I Restore Files from Backup with Safe Method?

Early in the morning while flipping the pages of your morning newspaper to late night, we are all engulfed in the technology world. When you reach your desk, you are stuck with the computer from 9.00 in the morning to 6.00 in the evening, as most professions today demand you to cling on to this binary box for carrying out all sorts of work operations. So far so good! But when you encounter a circumstance where your crucial data is corrupted, then you are dead! Your boss is yelling, your subordinates are waiting for your instructions, and worst part, your clients are getting furious. And in most of such circumstances you are completely unaware how to handle the situation. For averting this type of intricate situation only, people take backups of their data.

For taking backups in Windows OS environment, one can use NTBackup, which is a built-in utility in previous versions of Windows Operating System. In new versions, however, this NTBackup tool is non-existent. Still if you want to make use of NTBackup for taking backups in any new version of Windows, you can easily download it free from the internet from Microsoft website. Also, there are other third-party backup tools available too, like VERITAS. Whichever system you may use to create backup, NTBackup or VERITAS, the file that will be formed from this backup operation will have the extension as .BKF and thus these backup files are termed as BKF file.

BKF Corruption
Though BKF files are the emergency data rescuer files from which you can restore the data if in case original files are damaged. Still there can be chances when these files too get damaged and destroyed in the course of an unwanted corruption entering into the system wherein most data files get hampered including these BKF files as well. This is when a user will be unable to restore any data from these BKF files unless and until he employs a third-party recovery tool on them.

Restore Files from Backup
There are many options available in the online market for this BKF recovery process. Some are good, some are very good and there are some exceptional ones too that are excellent and brilliant in this job. You need to make your choice depending upon a few parameters - quickness of the software, price, easiness of usage, time, percentage of recovery, data integrity, data safety, security and others depending upon your requirement. Online search is easy; you can pick and choose the tool that you like the most and that matches all your selection criteria. While selecting a tool, keep in mind one thing that the tool must and must be easy to use otherwise you will find yourself in an intricate situation. One such tool that is super easy to use and deploy is SysTools BKF Recovery software.

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