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Jan 17, 2014 | Technology

How to Restore Windows XP BKF File in Windows 7 with Right Solution?

BKF file is primarily associated with Windows Operating System. This file is created using NTBackup.exe facility. This utility is useful as it automatically creates backup files of entire Windows data. This file is helpful to restore data when original files are lost. However, the situation can turn adverse when BKF file data is damaged and you have original files with you. Thus, no choice is there except to take professional help. In various other situations, you wanted to know how to restore Windows XP BKF file in Windows 7. For such type of scenarios, you can resolve the matter with professional help.

A common scenario: You have met with the computer failure (which is installed with Window XP) and thus replaced computer with a new laptop running with Win 7. You need to quickly restore Windows XP BKF file in Windows 7. You have used some of the solutions for restoring from machine running Windows XP and the tried to transfer data. But this caused several issues.

There are plenty of users creating backup data with NTBackup.exe facility and later clean or upgrade to Windows 7. After the up gradation task gets over it is realized that Windows 7 does not include NTBackup facility to restore data from BKF file. In case, you are holding some essential data containing in BKF file and you wanted to restore in Windows 7, then there are several methods available you can try. But remember that external online software is best to use.

Some methods as an answer to – 'How to restore Windows XP BKF file in Windows 7'

1. First method: Microsoft has native facility named Windows NTBackup Restore utility for Windows 7 for the reason to restore BKF file. This method is very complex, though it is free of cost but can pose critical problems in user's front.

2. Second method: Windows XP's NTBackup Tool to restore data can be used. This facility runs absolutely fine in Windows Vista and Win 7 with the provision that it supports DLLs which should be available in the same folder where NTBackup.exe facility is there. There are two different DLL files are there such as:

• ntmsapi.dll
• vssapi.dll
If you run NTbackup.exe solution without using any of these modules, you might come across error messages. The program fails to start because NTMSAPI.dll is missing from the computer machine. It is better you try to reinstall the program to fix this issue. The ordinal 3 fails to locate in the dynamic link library VSSAPI.DLL. This method is very complex and can produce severe effects to data.

Third method: It is better to discard the above given methods and try using professional online solution. You can use BKF Recovery tool whish can be the right answer to the query how to restore Windows XP BKF file in Windows 7.

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