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Nov 7, 2013 | Business

Ways to Ensure Long Service Life of Ring Die Pellet Mill

The most important thing in a pellet mill is the pellet press die. Using a ring die pellet mill, you may be told that ring die is the core of a pellet mill. As the key component of a ring die pellet mill, the ring die has direct influence on the performance and quality of the pellets, and it is related to the upkeep cost. Due to a high proportion of wear and tear in ring die, the replacement cost of ring die is relatively high. It is sharp-sighted for you to learn more about how to repair and maintain a ring die correctly.

Do you know what to do when the blockage happens? As we all know that acidic residue can block and corrode the die holes, so it is necessary to feed non-corrosive oily mixture into the pellet machine to drive out the residues. Besides, the ring die can be boiled in oil to soften the residues. Then the residues are carbonized, which is conductive to the discharge of residues. If the blockage still cannot be eliminated, drill out the residue with an electric hand drill and then clean the die with oily material mixed with fine sand.

The working surface of the ring die will become uneven and the material guide angle of the die hole will become flat because of abrasion after being used for some times. When this happens, the bumps on the working surface must be abraded smooth and the material guide angle must be re-chamfered. Necessary restoration is important for prolonging the working life of a ring die.

What is more, the gap between the roller and ring die determines the output and quality directly. It is requisite to adjust the gap between the die and roller to an appropriate range, which is essential to the final pellet products. In general, you had better choose the gap from 0.1mm to 0.3mm and the gap for new die and new rollers should be larger than the old one. During practices, persistent experience for gap adjusting is favorable for the professional growth of a pellet mill operator.

When the metal or foreign hard materials enter between the roller and die, the roller and die will be easy to be worn. Therefore, it is required to clear away the foreign materials before pelleting. If not, the foreign hard materials will accelerate ring die wear, which lead to the fatigue of the ring die. The ring die will experience breaking when the force exceeds its limit strength. Rational usage and essential maintenance ensure the low consumption, high production efficiency and good quality pellets.

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