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Nov 7, 2013 | Business

The Application and Working Process of Organic Fertilizer Machine

Organic fertilizer (biological) granulator is in round configuration to make cylindrical particles a rolling ball, no return, high rate of ball granule, good strength, beautiful and applicable, and hence the machine becomes the ideal equipment of globular particles in organic fertilizer (biological). India is a large agricultural nation, there is lots of organic fertilizer, and many villagers do not know how the rational use of fertilizers, resulting in a lot of waste. So the demand for granulators is big.

We are all know the modern organic fertilizer is produced by organic fertilizer equipment, the organic fertilizer production has been mechanized, large-scale, integrated processing, below we went into the production process of organic fertilizer equipment.

The way of traditional organic fertilizer pelletizing is mainly through the disc for molding. Disc Pelletizer through high speed revolves result the raw materials rolling in balls. On the process of the molding, you need add some water to increase the rate of shaping. So the organic fertilizer pellets would be a little more loose, not hard, easy to broken and out of shape,

This would bring some unnecessary risks on product organic fertilizer.

The production of organic fertilizer according to the organic fertilizer functional effects decision, workers then first a variety of raw materials required pulverized into a certain degree of fineness of organic materials, in accordance with Formulation in a blender Hunban, in this process, the key step is proportion to add a 'bio-fermentation agents, Hunban into the fermentation tank, so the area is very small, deep pool aerobic fermentation, the fermentation process without manual saves fermentation costs due to full mechanization production, fermentation so evenly, no dead ends, from the process to ensure product quality organic fertilizer. After one night, the raw material input temperature soon rose up, up to 70 degrees, this time, the staff start turning throwing equipment, at the same time open the blast equipment, to be turned toss after the end of the pond is already fermented finished, new raw materials into the fermentation tank, and so the cycle.

Organic fertilizer granulator equipment to show the production process, to understand and know how it carried out the production of organic fertilizer, it helps to fully play its fertilising application of organic manure.

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