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Dr. Okoto's Tribute To Prof. Kofi Awoonor

Dr. Okoto's Tribute To Prof. Kofi Awoonor
23.10.2013 LISTEN

The untimely passing of Ghana's literate mind, politician and statesman,Professor Kofi Awoonor recently in Kenya during a terrorist attack at a shopping mall in Nairobi has taken many Ghanaians and the world by surprise. His demise has done a devastating blow to his family, the academia, politics and the global community as a whole. Tributes to him have come from well wishers from all over the world and we produce here a special one from Ghana's Dr. Kojo Okoto, an aspiring young poet.

Oh my eyes are thick with clouds of African
What an abrupt wind which has taken a leg
of an ancient tree
How long can this hoping magnitude hold
However long it maybe only the bearer can
True some foot steps are difficult to replace
but this one has no match to even try .
The dirges are strange as the manner he
went down.
The prints are made in melted molten of fine
crystals and careful craftsmen can only mimic
The barrel they say make noise when is empty
notwithstanding this filled barrel has echoed
a much more dangerous sound.
The devastated state of the earth could now
at far be glare
The synecdoche to be done is grievous in
surface and dept.
One of Africans eyes is sprinkled with sand
and the most painful of a kind.
One of the finest of brains has eluded the
mother and the ripples of her cry lingers on.
One indeed to be adored both in its coming
and in its end
It is heard that the coming as the going are
both shrouded from the wise .
It is reasoned that no man can know the end
for he would have indeed been protected
from a blazing flame .
Ayekoo ! Ayekoo!!
Tribute to prof Kofi Awoonor by Doc Kojo

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