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Oct 22, 2013 | Business

Brief analysis of Chinese crusher development

Crusher applications market is very wide, it including chemical industry, mining, construction and other industries. In China's most important application fields are cement industry, paving and mines, and it accounts for about 30% of the whole industry in these two industries.

So crusher has good development prospect:
1. Crushers upgraded. Due to the small crusher life is three to five years, and scrap metal crusher for domestic change about 20% of the total demand crusher every year. Even so many domestic crushers are in over age operation. The more massive overall tends to aging and the update is just a question of time.

2. Chinese economic develop stable and rapid. Road-building, cement and other infrastructure development will inevitably pull crusher industry growth.

3. Western Development leads a large demand for crusher.

According to relevant personage of Chinese construction machinery industry association points out, when an industry or product export growth reaches 40% to 70% is belonged to boom period. After a period of time, it will enter the high risk of trade friction. Our country crushing machine industry is at such a time now. In the current export trade growth situation, we must keep sober and rational and enhance consciousness and means for preventing international trade friction dispute. In international trade, crusher enterprise need attention and prevent include two against two insurance (anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard measures and special security measures), technical barriers, political and financial and RMB appreciation and so on many kinds of risk.

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