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Vivid Colors of Holi Festival in India Tours

4 March 2013 | Travel Blog
People celebrating Holi festival in India.
People celebrating Holi festival in India.

India is the only nation which is incredibly prosperous in culture and traditions. This culturally diverse nation attracts scores of tourist for its ethnicity. Tourists adore the way culture and religion rules here. Every region has distinctive cultural values that attract people across the world as nowhere else they can find the cultural diversity which is exclusively present in India. One of the best ways to explore the culture of India during your India tours is through the vibrant festivals that are celebrated in India. Every religion in India has distinct festivals which the entire nation celebrates which prove that this diverse and secular nation respects every religion.

One of the most vivacious festivals of India is Holi which is widely celebrated in India, primarily by Hindus of the country. This unique festival of Hindu religion is called the festival of colors as vibrant colours dominate this festival and remains the vital part of this festival without which this festival can't be celebrated. One can say that Holi resembles the Tomatina festival of Spain where tomatoes are the vital part of the festival. Holi is a short festival that goes on for two days and is celebrated on full moon day in March which is considered as the most auspicious day.

There are interesting mythical legends behind the emergence of this festival. One of the eminent one is that there used to be a proud king named Hiranyakashipu who was an atheist and send his sister Holika to kill his son Prahlad who was a strong worshipper of lord Vishnu. As Holika was blessed with a boon of not getting hurt by fire so she went to assassinate Prahlad by burning him. Holika took Prahlad on her lap and went to sit on blazing fire thinking that as she has a boon she'll be saved and Prahlad will be killed. By doing so she did a highly immoral deed and as a result she was punished by lord Vishnu. While she sat herself on fire Prahlad was saved and Holika died.


Since then to celebrate the victory of good over evil, there is a tradition of Holika Dahan, during which people burn up an image of Holika in fire at night and pray while taking rounds around the fire. The next morning is Holi or Rang Panchami during which sweets are exchanged and people from all age groups gather together throw colours and water over others. On this day faces smeared with vibrant colours is a common site. Everybody plays with colours irrespective of their age– red, green, blue, orange, yellow, pink- all kinds of colours are used in this festival to show happiness and merriment. Holi celebrations in Vrindavan, Mathura and Northern India endow a sight to behold as they are the most eminent places where Holi is celebrated in full glory. Find more detail information on festivals of India.

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