07.12.2012 Political

Ghana must THINK!!!

By nicholas sackey
Ghana must THINK!!!
07.12.2012 LISTEN

Dear Ghana,
The elections are now upon us, however the magnitude of this occasion seems to have clouded the judgments of many. NDC has clearly ruled the state of Ghana with a corrupt hand, this has lead to further inequality within all sectors of the nation. It does not take a local to see this, the rich are importing more cars and buying bigger houses, while the poor are getting poorer and filling the streets of Accra. How can NDC call themselves a government? Taxation towards the Ghanaian people is not being pumped back into the system, thereby draining the economy even further. Where did your taxes go? Look at NDC's political campaign, that is what you have paid for. NPP are offering the people of Ghana an opportunity that many African nations could only dream of, "FREE EDUCATION". This prospect is real, this prospect will ensure that money stemming from the oil will be put to good use. How can we deny our children such an opportunity? whether you believe it or not, is it not worth the vote? The idea that your vote, your support could be the lifting point for an entire chain of generations. Through this we could witness the great success story of Ghana. A nation full of potential, a nation craving a leader, NPP and Nana are the keys you crave at this moment in time. Do not deny your children a future!

Nicholas Sackey.

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