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News | Oct 22, 2012

Biafra: a thorn in the Conscience of the International Community

The tragedy that was Biafra between 1967 and 1970 has over the decades and forever will remain arguably the first recorded incidence of genocide and/or ethnic cleansing in sub-saharan Africa.This trend has continued till date where Biafrans who are doing their legitimate businesses in other parts of Nigeria especially in the Northern part are continually slaughtered like animals at any time there is disagreement(s) among individuals and groups in the North.In fact, the blood of the Biafrans have been the pillar that has been holding Nigeria state together till today.

In the face of all these, the international community has remained silent either because they unwilling to ask questions or that the Igbos in the Eastern Region of Nigeria(Biafra) have not got themselves together with resolve like the Southern Sudanese.Me think that appart from the passive response of the world body during the Biafra/Nigerian civil war where there was obvious vested interests that militated against the Igbos from the West like Britain under Harold Wilson(the then Labour Prime Minister of Britain) who almost single-handedly supplied the weapons that killed millons of Igbos and obviously remotely prosecuted the war aginst the Igbos for the Gowon-led federal government of Nigeria, the Igbos of today are the people holding themselves.The few politicians of Igbo extraction in the Nigerian government have refused to represent and protect the interest of the Igbos in their quest to secure juicy federal(Abuja) contracts in many and varied forms including the contract of making sure that the eastern region remains underdeveloped.For instance, since the end of the civil war, and the settlement of the Igbos by the Nigeraian goverment with 20 Naira each, the infrastructural development and other social amenities have remained virtually absent.Raod accidents in the East due bad condition of the roads ranks higher than any other cause of death.No new schools and goverment ministries were built with vigour and tenacity like in other regions.Representation in the Civil service has remained at its lowest level when compared with other parts of Nigeria;political appointments have also been very poorly carried out when compared to other parts of Nigeria.Gully erosion has become a serious menace over the decades.Sponsored criminals have taken over Igbo land including Igbos who are recruited by their masters from Abuja who have proved to be even more brutal, barbaric and determined to unleash mayham on their fellow easterners.The question therefore is:who is marginalising the Igbos in Nigeria?

Igbos are the architech of their own misfortune in Nigeria if you ask me.There is need for serious cleansing of the communities in Igboland of all criminals and saboteurs who are helping the enemy to further deprive the Igbos of their fudamental right to economic, social and political developments.The Igbos in the Igboland have lost hope and direction and more than half of them are in exile and have deserted Igboland and begging for chieftancy titles in the west and Northern part in spite of the fact that they are being killed there in their large numbers.Is this then a perpetual curse on the Igbos?Even the Jews who were scattered allover the world have since found their roots but the Igbo are still wallowing in servitude in the Nigerian federation.Igbos, the time has come for you to return to your deserted land and begin the process of reconstruction and re-integration.The Jihad against you in the Northern part is not going to ebb or stop anytime soon.It is time you relocated your businesses to the East (although this is not going to be accomplished in one day but where there is will, nothing is impossible).Biafra dream must not die.Igbo Biafrans, this is your time,it has happened again in Southern Sudan,now is the turn of Biafra.But make no mistake about this-the international community cannot give you Biafra, you will get Biafra by yourselves.

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