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Are you on Facebook? Are You Familiar with Facebook Poke? Our research findings is that many people get more POKES a day than others. According to some people we interviewed, Guy Moyoyo of Accra ( Not his real name) says he Pokes only pretty women he has crush on. Papa J of Germany ( not his real name) also says that many women Poke him for simple fact that he lives abroad and feel that some of the ladies Poke him more than necessary in a single day. Mz Melody King, a pretty lady from Tamale ( nickname) says some guys POKE her about 10 times a day. Lady Porschez of Mankessim ( not her real name) says that as for her, she ignores POKES from people she does not know. The question is what is a FACEBOOK POKE? What is the meaning of the POKE? What are the real motive behind people POKING the opposite sex and what satisfaction do people get from POKES. Today's article is an attempt to answer the above questions as part of our series on GHANA ON FACEBOOK EXPERIENCE: Keep on reading:

The Facebook Poke is a feature on the Facebook homepage, and has a number of potential meanings. An option located on the right side of the page allows people to “poke” someone else with the click of a mouse or tap of a touch screen. When a user opts to poke someone, the person chosen receives a message that they've been poked and by who. There is also an option with any new poke, to reciprocate. For many, this is just a means of saying hello, but other meanings have been suggested that are worth exploration.

Facebook informational pages explain the Facebook Poke as a way to say hello, or to get the attention of someone. It can also be a reciprocal hello, especially when a person has been poked and chooses to respond. Certainly the poke is quicker than writing on someone's wall, and depending on privacy settings, it may be possible to poke people who aren't presently friends. Often, this feature is restricted to people in a friends network, but privacy settings are subject to rapid changes on this social platform.

Some alternate meanings to the Facebook Poke have been suggested. People might principally use this feature to determine the level of someone else's sexual interest. A reciprocal poke could lead to a real or virtual meeting with another similarly minded person. Of course, not everyone uses this, and people should be fairly certain that both people are likely to understand any sexual connotations of a poke before proceeding to a chat and flooring a friend with far too much private information.

Another explanation of the Facebook Poke is that it is meant to be mildly, moderately or greatly mischievous. When people have huge friend networks, responding to pokes can get annoying and it's that much more content that may get in the way of reading other's posts. Fortunately, people don't have to respond in any way, but someone who keeps repeatedly sending pokes might have to be unfriended or hidden.


A Facebook Poke can also be used in a friend network to play a version of tag. People poke each other until the poke comes back to the initiator of a game. Again, different levels of participation and interest on the network may cause the game to come to a quick stop if a person poked doesn't respond.

Another interesting motive and reason that we got from our survey is for people using POKES is to relay a message of subtle sensual note. For example, Dr. Elvis and King Fela both Tertiary Education students and active Facebook users have these to say about what Facebook POKE mean to them. They said, 1 Poke to them mean Hello!, 2 Pokes means How are You doing? 3 Pokes mean Hi Dear I need Your Attention, more than 4 means Hello, Dont you get the message that I am falling in love with you.......Isn't it interesting?

Ultimately, the poke is typically what people make of it: mostly a hello, and occasionally more significant. It is not advised that people use this option on everyone they know because it may seem annoying, and it's usually perfectly okay to ignore a poke because it's meant to be a very brief form of communication. In most cases, it's about the equivalent to a tap on the shoulder. But to the one who already has a CRUSH on the opposite sex, using POKES might be one of the best ways to TEST the waters. You never know. Try Your Luck with a POKE, she/he might be YOURS. Keep having fun in a responsible way.

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