Network Engineering

JHNYTECH Engineers provide the technical and
Management expertise to deliver end to end
Solutions for your business networking needs.
Our engineers are committed to delivering the
right technologies and solutions to make your
business a success.
Network Planning
•Define Client Business Requirements
•Develop Infrastructure Strategies
•Perform Baseline Audits
•Prepare Capacity Plans
•Select Preferred Technologies
Network Design
•Define Functional Requirements
•Develop Multi-Vendor Integration Plans
• Prepare Technical Design Documentation
•Specify Equipment Needs
•Provide Detailed Project Cost Analysis
Network Implementation
•Project Management
•Acquire Equipment
•Configure Network Components
•Deploy Solutions & Provide Training
•Service & Long Term Support

Technical Service

Network Solutions Technicians perform a wide
scope of services. Our friendly technicians
maintain current industry certifications to ensure
the maximum reliability of your business
Wide Area Networks
•Installation & Troubleshooting
•Site-to-Site Connections
•Internet Connectivity & Firewalls
•Network Hardware Maintenance
Local Area Networks
•Network Administration
•Desktop Services & Support
•Network Migration & Maintenance
Telephony 3PBX
•VOIP/IP Telephony
•Moves, Adds & Changes (MAC)
•Support Contracts and Upgrades
JOHNYTECH support contracts are uniquely designed to meet your specific needs. Our service agreements range from providing resources as needed to dedicated long-term support.

JOHNYTECH maintains valued relationships with:
Cisco Systems D LINK3 COM HP DELL
JOHNYTECH partners with vendors that meet our requirements for company stability, support, technology leadership and value.


- Laptop and desktop
- Flat screen monitor

- Projector
- Printer
- Recover lost files
- Retrieve password

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