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September 19, 2011 | Technology

Easy Steps to Data Recovery From Hard Drive

Easy Steps to Data Recovery From Hard Drive

Attempting a data recovery from hard drive units that have failed can be a stressful process for most people. Even tech savvy people will struggle to pull anything meaningful from a damaged drive in most cases. However, depending on the reason for the hard drive failure, there are some steps that might help you get some of your files back without having to resort to the lengthy and expensive process of shipping your drive off to a professional. While no method is guaranteed 100% effective, you can take the right steps toward recovering your files and lessen the chance of causing even further damage to the drive.

The first type of failure is a drive that has been corrupted due to a virus or damaged files. In these cases, the drive itself may still operate, but your operating system can't make heads or tails of the files. This is the best of the worst when it comes to hard drive failures. You can sometimes retrieve files through third party software. Typically, this software breaks down your files into binary code and then attempts to reassemble them. It cannot always bring back complicated program files, but it may be able to help your retrieve your photos and documents.

The worst kind of hard drive failure is a mechanical failure. The most difficult thing about data recovery from hard drive units that have been physically damaged is getting them working again. For this, only a professional with a clean room, the right tools and knowledge can fix the problem. Never attempt to open or repair damage to your hard drive. You will only make the problem worse. While this kind of file recovery can be expensive, you really have no other option if you need the files on the drive. Never use home remedies for your drive such as freezing it. These ideas sound ludicrous because they are and they will only cause further damage.

The best way to keep your files safe is through regular backups. You want to make sure that your files are not on the same drive partition as your OS. If your system should fail, this is a good first defense for your files. You also want to make sure you have duplicates somewhere. CDs and disks tend to be very outdated for backups. Now you can upload your files to a secure server with an internet company or you can purchase a backup drive which remains separate from the rest of the computer.

The hard drive on a computer is the only moving part aside from the fans. This means that it is the piece that is the most likely to fail. Unfortunately, it is also the worst possible piece of hardware to lose since it contains all of your data. But if you keep a cool head, you may be able to salvage some of the files on damaged drive. You just have to take the right steps. Data recovery from hard drive units which have failed is never a fun process, but keeping calm and thinking straight may help you get back at least some of what you have lost.

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