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Four Imo State Born Internet Writers That Rochas Okorocha Should Not Underrate

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It is no more news that the APGA, governorship candidate, Rochas Okorocha, won the Imo state gubernatorial election and will be in charge of Douglass House for four years beginning from May 29th 2011.Okorocha defeated Ikedi Ohakim the incumbent governor . The APGA candidate (Okorocha) scored 336,857 of the total number of votes cast, while the PDP and ACN candidates scored 290,496 and 107,066 votes respectively. The result of the election reflected the will of the people of Imo State.Imo State electorate voted for change. As soon as the result was announced, wild jubilation broke out from homes, even as many rushed to the streets to celebrate the victory.

It is also no more news that Ikedi Ohakim congratulated Rochas Okorocha on his successful outing in the governorship election. The governor's congratulatory message to the governor-elect, headlined, “Imo must move on”, which he personally signed, also showed he would not challenge the election in court.

Kudos to Imo State electorate. Imo State will now know what democracy is all about. Democracy is government of the people by the people and for the people. Rochas is the man everybody knows too well that respects God and his servants. The Bible says when the righteous is on the throne, the people rejoice. So, since a righteous man is on the throne in Imo State, it means peace has come to the State, goodness and mercies have also come to the state. I believe strongly that he will hear the cry of the people and do the mandate of God. I see a regime that people will be very grateful about, a regime that will ensure the people say bye bye to sorrow and pain.

This is a unique opportunity for Okorocha to demonstrate his affection for the people of the state. In particular, he must fulfil those election promises that endeared him to the electorate. He must not abandon the people that believe in him and who made him what he is. He must remember them and carry them along. Okorocha should also not abandon the media men and the internet journalists if he wants to succeed. He should not make himself an enemy of the media the way Ohakim did. The media is a lifeline of a nation. It provide not only information on what may affect the normal human being in his day-to-day functioning, but also by other features keeps him informed of developments, national and international. The reach of the media and the effect it can have on general public has always been recognized and never been challenged. There is a need to inform the people of things around them so that there is a check on the government. And media is the one who informs them. The media, exercise influence and authority over us. And there is no doubt that money and muscle power is getting control over the media and it is becoming an economic exercise rather than driven by public spirit.

In fact to me, there are four Imo state born internet writers that Okorocha should never underrate. First is Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha,second is Kenneth Uwadi ,third is Stephen Nwahiri and fourth is Ikenna Anokute.You underrate any one of these four writers from Imo state to your own peril. The fifth would have been the late Maximus Uba from Mbaise.

Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha is a graduate of Imo state University, Owerri and a fierce writer and activist who lives in Ikenegbu Layout in Owerri. I have race through everything he's written, and he is, honestly,one of the scariest Imo State born writers I think I've ever read, making the likes of Okey Ndibe look like a cosy evening in front of the fire, while also – unlike many activist – managing to write beautifully. Iwuoha is to Imo State as Santos Owollo is to Rivers State.You remember him? The man Ikedi Ohakim flogged silly with koboko, over 120 lashes of koboko. Samuelson took out Ohakim with his over 50 different articles attacking and attacking him and telling the world so many unprintable and unimaginable things about the outgoing governor. To me his article contributed sixty percent to the downfall of the Ohakim led Imo State government. Surely ,Okorocha dare not make an enemy of Iwuoha.

What about Mr Uwadi? Who won't remember the Uwadi who writes from Mmahu-Egbema in Imo state. He operates a blog, Famous People News.Com. A prolific writer who I think is often dismissed for being a strong writer in support of the Ohakim's administration but is actually witty, sharp,fierce and funny. I think he's so much better than lots of writers that are writing today. Uwadi was the only strong voice giving credit to the Ohakim's government in the internet and challenging all those writing against Ohakim and he has a wide followings. I also feel that Okorocha dare not to make an enemy of Mr Uwadi for to me, he can knock the socks of lots of today's big name writers, the ones grabbing all the spaces at the front of newspapers. I believe that since Uwadi was supporting the Ohakim's administration and with Ohakim gone, he may go into the attacking journalism and be a high critic of an Okorocha government.

Stephen Nwahiri is the guy who writes from Mushin-Lagos.You remember him? He was behind the media struggle to reclaim the Martin Agbaso electoral mandate. Underrate him at your own peril. Nwahiri is a fantastic writer and my third pick for writers that Okorocha should not underrate. I think he is brilliant and can go bizarre, scary, but always excellent when he is provoked.He faught Ohakim with his articles.

Another writer is Ikenna Anokute from Umuaka who writes from New York. The Umuaka Autonomous Community is a town in Njaba Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria. He is one of the few writers to win the dubious accolade of being called efulefu,anuofia and so many unprintable names for his stance on issues. Yes! I've read him! I Agree! But whether you like him or not Anokute is one writer that Okorocha should never underrate. Anokute writes via various forums like IgboEvents,Igbo World Forum,Umuigbo,Naijapolitics,Nigerian World Forum,Njabasouth,Talk Nigeria, Naija Observer.He battled Ohakim via these forum that have large followings.

-Obinna Emeka lives in Indianapolis, Indiana and can be reached at [email protected]

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