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Author | Sep 23, 2010

Make Easy Money Online, Start Today. How I Make Over $2000 Online From My Less Than 2 years Old Blog As A Student

Make Easy Money Online, Start Today. How I Make Over $2000 Online From My Less Than 2 years Old Blog As A Student

Making money online sounds like a scam to many. I am not amazed why most people do not believe that indeed you can make substantial and genuine money online by spending less to cultivate this money.

So many people and companies are online selling all sorts of kits with the tagline 'Making Quick Money Online'. Most of these kits are scams and do not really bring you to the real world of making money online. They rather take your little money by selling their unproductive kits to you.

The above does not however mean you cannot make easy money online. I am writing this to help all the smart people dig into the world of making money online as I am currently doing.

The amazing part of my making money online tool is that, it does not need you to spend any money. You are not spending any money so if you are smart enough, you will start your own online 'business' to cash in some money. Why not try? After all it is free and you have nothing to lose.

I do not sell any money making online kit; all I am bringing to you is taking you through the steps which I took to be making over $2000 a month from my blog as a student. Yeah, you heard me right, over $2000 a month.

It may seem huge to some people and to others it is a peanut. No matter what it seems to you, the fact of the matter is, I am making this online, sitting in the comfort of my bedroom and cashing in that sum each month.

How Am I Making Money Online

As I stated in my introduction, I do not sell any money making kit online. I make my online money from my blog. Those who know me will be aware that I am a celebrity blogger and own the blogs www.GhanacClebrities.Com as well aswww.ScrewLife.Com

Why do you think I spend time writing all those articles, chasing the various celebrity interviews, bringing you the latest celebrity news, providing you with all the motivational and personal development messages?

Apart from my passion for writing, bashing celebrities and the desire to inform and educate, the money behind my work heavily drives me. After all, the reward of labour is salary and I should be paid for all my writings. Getting paid to do what I enjoy is great. It is my hobby to write and I get paid to write. Doesn't it sound wow!

Now, let's get to serious business. All you need in place to start making money online is a blog. I started with a blog and I am still with a blog. So you see, I am not teaching you something I am not doing. This is what I do. I enjoy doing it and the money is good to keep me going. Continue Reading From Here


Chris-Vincent is an internet enthusiast & entrepreneur, web developer and a blogger, a law student with special interest in Human Success, Personal Development and Achievements.

As a multi-niche blogger, areas of web development, internet entrepreneurship and marketing are a close heartfelt passion. He enjoys blogging and making money online. He loves to teach and share his online money making tips for free with others on www.ScrewLife.Com

Chris-Vincent runs with the catchphrase 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege'.

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