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Aug 31, 2010 | Author

Weekly Discussion: Let's Get Talking: Are Black People Our Own Enemies?

Weekly Discussion: Let's Get Talking:  Are Black People Our Own Enemies?

The most iniquitous thing among humanity is self destruction and self hatred. Being your own enemy sounds impossible but it is wilfully in existence among human beings.

When we talk about being your own enemy, it encompasses hating your own kind and this is very widespread among black people. Most black people, either from different nations or same nation do not get on at all.

Let us look at our immediate social surroundings, work place, schools and university as well as our communities, the very people actively pulling black people down the ladder of success is our own people. (I call this inner racial hatred).

Have you not had an experience where you came to an office and the only black person out there whom you think would be helpful turns out to be the monster?

What about entering a restaurant where your own kind (black sister or brother) disregards you and worse of all, offers a warming welcome and help to another person of different colour?

Even in our neighbourhoods, have you not come across the next black neighbour who you thought shares your skin colour and as such you should get on well, act so mean and unfriendly to you, your children or friends?

How many times have you heard another person or your friend saying, I will never rent or buy from a Ghanaian or another black person because they always want to cheat and their services or products come with issues and problems?

At university and work place, I have seen Asians and Eastern Europeans team up and offer wonderful help and support to each other, whiles the few black people out there are living and working like cat and mouse ( On each other's neck). I pity anyone who has a black or Ghanaian manager or supervisor at work, mostly they will kill you instead of build you…

If you go for a job interview and you are unfortunate to have your interviewer as a same country/ethnic background person (black), then you better go home and continue with your job search…

Back home in Africa, we cut each other with blades and push ourselves down the gutters whiles offering the best of things, services and opportunities to different colour people when they come around us.

I remember when at ticket assistant at the STC yard in Accra told me there are no tickets for the next bus, yet was magically able to find 2 tickets for some white couples who came to ask few minutes after me…

This week's discussion is about us, our ethnicity and our own people. Why do most black people love to see the downfall of their own people?  Why are black people their own enemies? Why don't we support each other and pave way for one another

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri -

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