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May 9, 2010 | Art

Some basic tips to lose weight fast


If your are desperately trying to lose some unwanted fat , then the main thing is to go about it with safety in mind, you don't want your overall health to suffer for the sake of “getting rid of love handles”.

With that said, quick weight loss is something that is always possible.

Did you know that your rate of metabolism can have a huge impact on how fast you can drop those unwanted pounds? People with a slower than average metabolism will have a more difficulty time getting rid of weight than people with a faster metabolism

However the prime reason for people being over weight is because they generally consume too much of the wrong kind of foods and get too adequate exercise. If getting rid of weight rapidly is a concern of yours then the first thing you need to do is eat less high carbohydrates and starchy foods.

Once you have started to decrease your carbon hydrate intake you should do your best to drink six to eight glasses of water a day. You should always start each morning with a glass of water with no additives like fruit juice or cordials. Plain water first thing in the morning is one of the best the ways to kick starts your metabolism into action.

Fruit is an excellent metabolism enhancing food and you should aim to eat as much of it as possible through out the day and fruit can be particularly beneficial for boosting up your metabolism if eaten first thing in the morning with breakfast .

There are many other great metabolic enhancing foods you could eat throughout the day. Always try to eat some portions of: peppers, tomatoes, carrots, chillies, onions and garlic.

Losing weight can only be achieved effectively and more importantly with safety by decreasing your calorie consumption and increasing you metabolic rate with a balanced healthy diet, and never by allowing your self to starve or get too hungry for long periods of time

If you are trying to get rid of love handles,stomach fat or fat thighs as fast as possible then you should always try not to eat your final meal within four to five hours before you go to bed - sleeping on a full stomach will slow down your metabolism and help to store un burnt calories as fat.

Getting some regular exercise like walking, jogging, skipping, cycling ect, should be done a least once a day. When you first start your exercise program such as remember you may be out of condition so don't exercise as if your are trying to win a completion. There is plenty of time to step things up to a higher level. In the early days of your exercise routine you only need to exercise for about 10 - 20 minutes at a time, it won't be long before you can exercise for 30-40 with relative ease

Rapid weight lose will only happen for you if you stay consistent in your exercise and diligent in your eating. However, you can help achieve the maximum weight loss by taking natural dietary aids such as Maqui berry supplements, Acai berry extracts or special Gynexin formulations.

But always check with your doctor first and never exceed the stated dose in the instructions

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