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16.04.2010 Health

Weight loss myths to avoid like rotten eggs

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“I am doing my very best “and still I can't seem to get rid of my excess body weight.” As a weight lose expert for over two and half decades, I've heard this said by so many men and women from all walks of life, all too often. Yes, it is not uncommon to find people working extremely hard to get rid of unwanted fat. But often they are working far too hard. The biggest three error people make when they're trying to loss fat is to focus too finely on the wrong things such as: following unworkable promises, quick weight loss gimmicks and having a misguided understanding about dieting in general.

The fact is: getting tangled up in weight-loss myths will damage your dieting success. Below are three top weight-loss myths and dieting hype that you should avoid like rotten eggs.

Myth: You can get rid of 60 pounds in only 4 weeks.

Truth: Yes you can lose 50 pounds in only four weeks if you did some kind of hyper dieting plan such as the 500 calorie diet plan, or if you pushed a “low gi diet” to the outer extreme, but you are going feel pretty awful —and the chances of keeping it of are going to be a miracle, because the vast majority of you weight will come back after s soon as you start eating normally. If you intend to get rid of just one pound, you need to will need too “drop” 3,500 calories from your daily eating habits.

Myth: I can eat as much food as I want because I do lots of exercise.

Fact: Unless you're working out like a Pro boxer, to get rid of you fat, you will still need to keep a close eye on how many calories you're consuming daily. “It is interesting that calories consumes' seem to always add up more rapidly than “calories expended.” Just consider this for a minute or two: two large cookies will supply you with almost 550 calories. To burn-off that amount of calories through a physical activity, the dieter will need to run or walk for at least five and half miles.

Myth: A successful diet should always involve being hungry for periods of time.

Fact: If you are trying to cut back on calories randomly, then you will probably feel hungry during the day. But, if you do some careful planning and ensure that adequately replenishing yourself with high quality wholesome nutritious foods at least 3-4 hours apart, you'll likely feel quite satisfied even though you are eating less calories. You should do your best try to eat plenty of lean protein like: turkey, chicken, fish, egg whites, skimmed milk and high fibre such as vegetables and most fruits with every meal.

Myth: I take a diet supplement so I can eat what I want

Fact: Diet supplements are as the word suggests "supplements" and only help your to control hunger or “ speed up metabolism they are not a replacement for reducing your calorie intake.