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Mar 29, 2010 | Health

How to get rid of moobs - the truth


You would be amazed at how many YouTube videos I have seen that are incorrectly instructing young people on how they can do certain physical exercises that will supposedly help them remove chest fat.

However, if you should ask any, medical doctor or any other professional who practises in this area about this, they will all they will all tell you that it is “ medical fact” that your body can't 'spot-reduce' fat. What this means is that it is totally impractical to, lose unwanted flab from one part of your body without getting rid of it from the rest (without surgery).

With that said, it is necessary that you to fully understand that if you read an article, see a video or hear a lecture by some so called expert trying to tell you how to exercise only your upper and lower chest for the purpose of for removing man boobs they are either: wilfully misleading you or they have no idea what they are talking about

Of course, that does not mean you should avoid any sory kind of exercise routines or keep fit! But it does mean that if you do start to do any kind work out for the sole purpose of “ getting rid of man breasts you should all ways be careful that you never restrict your work-outs to just the upper part of your body. In fact, if you naively followed the advice told by several of the so-called authorities and only practiced routines for the pectoral area, not only would you be wasting your time so far as actually “getting rid of moobs” is concerned, but you would also run the risk of actually making your man breasts appear more prominent!

Why the incorrect kind of exercise routines can make your man breasts look even bigger?

Well, as stated above, it is totally impossible to remove or add body fat –without surgery - from just one part of your anatomy without significantly affecting the rest of your body. But this rule does not apply to muscle mass. You can gain muscle and also decrease it from any one location on your body. This means, if you do too much exercise only in and around the upper trunk (pectoral muscles) and particularly with very heavy weight training and don't do an all-over exercise strategy, you are likely only to bulk up the chest muscles but will still keep the layer of chest fat on top. Consequently, your chest area will inevitable seem larger.

So if you are searching for a solution to the problem of “ How to get rid of man breasts without surgery” and you don't want to run the risk of making your man breasts look bigger than they are already, then the best plan is to find yourself a complete exercise and diet regime - that is based around a "whole body approach" and don't limit your exercise routines and activities to just your upper chest , is not complex and you don't have go on a crazy diet like the “
500 calorie diet” you only have to take advantage of certain fat-burning foods, and natural metabolic enhancing supplements like protein powders, full strength Acai berry compounds, readily available chromium supplements, Maqui berry pills and even very cheap and simple methods like drinking Wu-Yi tea (green oolong).

So! That is all there really is to knowing “How to get rid of man breasts” without having a surgical operation

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