13.01.2010 Feature Article

Man and the Dangerous Hole

Man and the Dangerous Hole
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The hole, that bittersweet hole
That which can make and unmake men, great and small alike

Men of substance, of power, of dignity
Rulers of nations
Commanders of armies
That hole, that indirectly rules nations and makes men behave like kids in a toy store

That hole that made Adam loose his birthright
That which got Adam condemned and eventually all mankind

That hole through which livelihoods can be lost
Fortunes given up
Many a bright future traded
And men become like puppies
That hole that made Muntaka soil himself and become an anathema

And forfeit an enviable position
And has become Mill's albatross
Forever chasing the government anywhere it turns
That hole which made Anane infamous
Threatened to unseat Clinton
Made Zuma blind to HIV
Still urges Him on to seek more, oblivious of the consequences

That which made Lamptey –Mills' empire shatter
Right before his eyes
And tarnished his image
That hole which now threatens to consume Tiger in His Woods

Forcing him to seek refuge in the shadowy forest
Away from prying eyes and sneers
Head bowed in shame
Oh! Son of man
Thou art doomed, for this hole is always beckoning

To embrace it, is folly
To deny it, noble
Son of Man, indeed thou art doomed
Kwame Mepeasem

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