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30.07.2009 General News

MCE warns civil servants not to be partisan

By Clement Boateng, Goaso - Ghanaian Chronicle
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PUBLIC OFFICERS are supposed to be guided by the code of ethics of the service which include being non-partisan.

However, some civil and public servants after elections refuse to accept the fact that the politics is over, and it is required of them to shed their partisan political cloak and concern themselves with how to move the country forward.

It is against this backdrop that Hon. Mohammed Kwaku Doku, the Municipal Chief Executive of Asunafo North Municipal Assembly reminded Public and Civil Servants in his Municipality to demonstrate loyalty and commitment to the current government by staying clearly out of partisan politics.

“We have had cause to complain about some officers becoming so partisan in their dealings, and as a result create troubles for themselves”, he observed, cautioning that his administration would not condone the wanton disregard for the rules and ethics of the service by any civil or public officer.

He also warned against the mishandling of public properties, citing situations where a number of heads of department used public vehicles as if it belongs to them.

The outcome of some of our uncontrolled actions were that in the end, government's hard earned resources are channeled to fueling and maintenance of those vehicles at the detriment of the poor tax payer

Addressing members of the assembly at the first ordinary session at Goaso recently, Hon. Doku noted that the welfare of the people in the Municipality took precedence over personal and partisan interest and that his administration would ensure that all projects were completed on time for the people to get the maximum benefit.

He disclosed that the assembly's consultant has observed among others that the delay in completion of projects makes it impossible for contractors to complete the work, and therefore advised the assembly to either review or terminates projects that were below 70% completion to be re-awarded again.

Hon. Doku's address also touched on issues bothering on the development agenda of the Municipality, road network construction, community based rural development projects, proposed Nursing Training College , water and sanitation, GET-Fund projects and School Feeding programme among others.

On disasters, the MCE acknowledged that while some cases could be termed natural disasters, others were self-inflicted, indicating that his administration would not hesitate to implement measures that could help stop the menace.

He emphasized that houses built on water courses without permit would be demolished, and admonished that public officials who grant permit for people to build in disaster prone areas would be made to pay for the consequences.

Among some of the projects proposed to be undertaken were rural electrification in some communities, completion of market stores at Mim, rehabilitation of Presby School at Goaso, construction of fence wall around the Municipal administration block and procurement of building materials to support community initiated projects.

Given the deplorable state of feeder roads in the Municipality, the members of the assembly resolved that grader and bulldozer should be procured to enable the assembly to rehabilitate the roads.

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