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Apr 19, 2009 | Medical

Loose Weight

Eat right, keep moving.
Losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight is as simple as those four words. Theres really no mystery to keeping those excess pounds off or to losing them. Simple as this idea may be though; 35% of Americans are obese or overweight.

When we do gain excess weight, naturally were interested in losing it. This can be due to health concerns or simply because we want to look better.

In addition, it is never too late to lose weight. But the fact is, it is a whole lot easier to prevent putting on pounds than to try losing them later on. And if there is one thing we all know, it is that weight gain is likely to happen if we do not take forward-looking steps to stop it.

The majority of people who try to lose weight through a diet or fitness plan ultimately lose interest and gain the weight they have lost back again. They might learn to genuinely enjoy their new healthy diet and fitness routines, but once they reach their target weight, they simply fall back into old habits.

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