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25.03.2009 News

Cease fire


All youth groups, associations and movements in the name of the GaDangme have been urged to cease all hostilities and rather form a united front to fight towards their common goal the economic empowerment of the GaDangmes.

To this effect, the alleged demonstration by the GaDangme Youth against the use of a public property at Ridge as offices by Ex-President Kufuor has been cancelled.

Disclosing this to The Statesman, the Chairman of the Reconciliation Committee of the GaDangme Council, Ablade Glover, said several meetings have been held with most of the youth groups over the past weeks aimed at bringing sanity and decorum in their public pronouncements and agitations.

Last Thursday, a group calling itself the GaDangme Forward Movement descended heavily on the GaDangme Youth over the latter's ethnocentric pronouncements and also their stand about the use of public property at Ridge as offices by Ex-President John Agyekum Kufuor.

Speaking at a press conference in Accra to react to a recent press release from the GaDangme Youth expressing their misgivings about the use of the property  by th e former President, the group also indicated their preparedness to organize a counter demonstration on the same subject matter.

According to Prof Ablade Glover, the GaDangme Council recognised that the issue was getting out of hands, hence the efforts to call all the youth groups to order.

He pointed out that the move to bring all these groups under one vibrant umbrella started before the infamous pronouncements on various radio stations by a member of the GaDangme Youth, which did not have the sanction of the leadership of the group.

He said since then three more meetings, the last one taking place on March 20, have been held with the youth groups, including the GaDangme Heritage, GaDangme Foundation and the GaDangme Youth for the Advancement of Justice; and they have apologised for their pronouncements and actions.

"We have impressed upon them that their actions and pronouncements are damaging our cause instead of helping us, and that we risk making more enemies than friends,' he emphasised.

'They have pledged to refrain from their old ways and inform the GaDangme Council of their future actions,' he indicated.

He was at pains to stress that 'the GaDangme Youth or for that matter any other youth groupings in the name of the GaDangmes is not embarking on any demonstration to disturb public peace.'

Prof Ablade Glover said his movement is seriously working behind the scenes to bring the other youth groupings in the name of the GaDangme, such as the GaDangme Forward Movement, to be positively involved in their collective quest.

'We have charged them to stop antagonising each other and rather embrace each other for the common good of the GaDangme people,' he added.

\He however admitted that controlling the youth has it own challenges but was optimistic that all the efforts of the numerous youth groupings could be channeled into one.