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17.03.2009 News

When the Voice of Ignoramuses overshadow that of the Executive


What Ghana abounds in, is not so much the growing number of aspiring blockheads of democrats as the growing number of gaping political sycophants and bootlickers.

 And they span all the various political parties. Yes, they do…

I heard my blood brother ET on Peace FM yesterday.

He was plain on an issue I have found disgusting and which I didn't initially want to be part of the debate. ET, plain and blunt, gave it to the media jokers both in the New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress, who were singing songs that had no notes and no rhythm.

A group calling itself Concerned Citizens for Setting Records Straight - led by a Chief Ignoramus, who I want renamed Mr. Know Nothing. They had wanted NPP"s hatchet man on the Appointments Committee, Atta Akyea, hacked for hacking NDC appointees. What they failed to grasp in their ignorance is the balance intended by the Legislature in line with the diktats of the Constitution, in appointing people with merit.

Teye Mensah told them: "Go through the process.' But that, he said, applied to all manner of political vigilantes, who are making a mockery of our democratic experiment - whether such animals and vandals are in the NPP or NDC or even Kofi Wayo's still birth United Republican Party II.

The sad aspects our democracy is that, whilst there are uncountable issues out there in our urban, district, regional and rural communities, to discuss and find solutions to, what appears to attract these misguided young men are solidarity circuses intended to bring them some financial or business rewards.

Without apologies to anybody, the greatest buffoonery games we are all playing in this country is defending anything - just anything - without verifying what we are defending.

Thank you, Teye Mensah, for taking us back to school in Prampram L/A and Methodist Middle…

All of a sudden, we appear to have become more democratic than George Washington or Abraham Lincoln; or Clinton and Barrack Obama.

Democracy in Ghana has come to mean NPP delegates having the same number of voting rights as Kufuor or Dan Botwe; or spoilsport Crabbe and that NPP woman, who bolted with cash intended to hire vehicles for students in the Eastern Region to go back home and vote.

It has come to mean Lord Commey"s constituency executives enjoying the same rights and privileges to allow even traditional rulers with no political clout to contest constituency chairman positions and pay monies to clinch the seat, regardless of whether they would be able to deliver or not.

In the National Democratic Congress, too, it has come to mean anybody at all contesting for the position of District and Municipal Chief Executives - without spelling out requirements in black and white.

Again, it has come to mean activists, just any group of Nima or Ashaiman and La Dadekotopon Boys, blindly following a Victor 'Robin Hood' Smith to seize cars, whilst JEA Mills sits and stands there aloof and, like his coolly brother John Agyekum Kufuor, does and says nothing in the name of being gentle. 'Asomdwe' indeed.

In one of my recent editions, I sought to find out where my mentor PV Obeng stood in all this acts of madness. Thank God, he has lived to his billing as one of the greatest political moderates of our time.

How many Ghanaians, for instance, know that but for PV Obeng, Ghana would have gone up in flames in the early 1980s. Some of these noisemaker vigilantes who are out to set records straight for right-thinking people like Yao Yevu their own way are babies who don't know sh-t. 

Methinks our Presidents, JA Kufuor and JEA Mills haven't exploited the media a tenth of the volume being abused by these young men - from Rip Van Winkle GaDangme Boys - to our NDC and NPP activists.

At a seminar held at the LaPalm Royal a few months into the elections, panelists agreed that JA Kufuor failed as President to take full advantage of the generous privileges the Constitution of Ghana offered a President in our part of the world to utilise the media and send strong messages across to his people in critical situations.

In the waning years of Kufuor rule, that responsibility, when it mattered most in telling his success to the electorate, was pitifully left to his Press Secretary, Andrews Awuni.

As far as the international community is concerned, most sober Ghanaians, agree, the story about the NPP's record of achievements were not told in the language of the people. Just because the force that a President represented existed only in armchair reception of diplomats and foreign travels, whose significance were not in the same vein forcefully made public in the language that the people in La, Nima, Bukoum and Ashaiman understood.

Interestingly, it is these young vigilante political hangers-on who have hijacked the media and are wreaking political havoc on us by feeding us with useless, baseless arguments that bring no bread onto the table of the women and children in the communities they hail from.

By all means, let's have a viable vibrant media; but in the name of Sheikh IC Quaye's Alajo Allah and Evangelist Kwame Ampadu's Kwahu God, let's disinfest the turf of those irresponsible political viruses, and ensure that the appropriate media privileges are offered those who have a voice to sing us melodious tunes, not dirges of gloom and doom.

We had in JA Kufuor a President who didn't care about what was being said nor availed himself of his rights to hold the nation spellbound by that authoritative voice which the Constitution offered him as a President - in putting out fire or bringing hope to Ghanaians. Unfortunately, JEA Mills also seems to be treading the same path. That means, by Yao Yevu's Political

Theory of Development, that if the NPP intended 2015 to be Ghana's Middle Income Status dateline,; and that of the NDC is 2020, the average dateline, if the NDC maintains the controversial average 6% growth would be the middle of 2017.

With the conflict in the North not being anywhere near solving, because it probably suits the cause of the NDC, we would perhaps drop another percentage year in terms of development.

Paa Kwesi Nduom's gripe with Mills is understandable. More of those, Paa Kwesi…

We cannot afford on the trot two Presidents who wouldn't come out of their shells to explain anything, even if there is something to explain…

When there is a creepy controversy over an issue or an eerie silence in the land, it is the Chief who distils the fears and apprehensions of the people and sets their hearts at ease. Over to you, JEA…And thank you, PV…

We cannot be held hostage by ignoramus youth, who need to be on the tomato irrigation sites in Tono, Vea and Pwalugu…