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18.02.2009 Education

Citizens for a better Ghana

Education is Africa s Great Awakening.Education is Africa s Great Awakening.

May God bless Africans and students in this growing generation. And, may God make our teachers cheerish but also cheerful towards their students. Teachers need to quit using cains on students like slaves or animals. Teachers and Students alike under any form of education oppose abuse of any specifics, yet, out of cruel minds, some teachers still use iron rods in schools today. Student torture is uncivilized, undefined and unconstitutional a practice in any nation.

Let us all bear witnesses to students who fear to share inside and outside classrooms and are hindered to avoid using their creative knowlegde and talents. For a better Ghana, we need students who are confident, outspoken and free minded. Using physical punishment in schools increase the chances of yielding narrow minded, wicked and unscruplous citizens who only think about right or wrong, but have no natural way of backing themselves up with their instincts and creative talents.

A neighbor and a friend to all Ghanaians, Emmanuel Arthur.