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18.02.2009 Political

African Union

African Union
[FACTS] Africa is a continent just like the Americas. I want you to kindly consider American history if you have any sources, perhaps google may help. The U.S.A initially formed with thirteen states for the same goal, which is independence proclamation from British intollerable acts. With Manifest Destiny, they expanded Westward and more states developed which were asked to pledge loyalthy to the Union. I tell you what, there were issues of State rights, and I suppose the ego of having our individual states, and our state pride is what is delaying our understanding of becoming one people united under a federal government with Checks and balances to give power to the people. I believe in African Unity but has to begin now.

What we have to do is to tackle the issues of Education and Equality for all, avoid genocide and get more open about issues. Also Africans should atleast be able to speak English and French in order for great communication among ourselves and a better Constitution for the people of Africa.