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06.02.2009 Social News

Families of accident victims appeal to Government


Family members of 15 people who were killed in a motor accident at Mamfe, on March 25, last year, has appealed to the Government to go to their aid.

Spokesperson of the family, Opanin Kwesi Addetah, who made the appeal through the Ghana News Agency, said most of the victims were bread winners of their families. They left behind young children of school-going age.

He said even though the immediate past government paid the hospital and mortuary bills of the victims, nothing was given to the families for the up keep of their dependants.

Opanin Addetah said some of the injured persons had now become physically- disabled who could not do any productive work.

He said though the vehicle on which the victims were travelling had been insured, the number of passengers it was carrying at the time of the incident had exceeded the actual number it was permitted to carry.

Opanin Addetah said as a result of that unfortunate situation the insurance company could not pay compensation to any of the victims.

He appealed to the police to check drivers who overload their vehicles to prevent a recurrence of that situation.