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25.11.2008 Health

How to get rid of lovehandles?


Can someone please tell me how to get rid of love handles?

The first thing is to apply some logic and common sense:

Question: how to get rid of love handles?
Answer: find out what they are first of all!

Simply put, love handles are FAT. Plain, ordinary, everyday fat that comes from our comfortable modern Western lifestyle. And, frankly, our modern curves can look a bit too comfortable for most of our liking! So in working out how to get rid of love handles, you're actually working out how to get rid of excess body fat overall.

That sounds difficult …

Not when you're focussed on the target. You know the kind of body you want and it's more than likely the kind of body you deserve – if you just give yourself a chance. You know already about sensible diets and sensible exercise – so get in there and stop asking 'How, how, How to get rid of love handles?

how to get rid of love handles?' Start saying “Today I'm doing it – goodbye love handles, hello happier healthier me!”

Okay, sounds great, but give me a clue,what do I need to do to remove my ”love handles”?

Sure. Start off by finding just FIVE MINUTES in your day when you could burn a little fat. If you're feeling ambitious, find just a hundred calories in your diet that you could afford to skip.

Just do it once. Easy!

Then, the next day, do it again. It's a bit like a good relationship. You've got to work on it a little every day to keep it going and make it better. And, let's face it, this is the most important relationship you're ever going to have – the relationship with yourself, your body and your future. Not to mention your self-confidence and attractiveness to the opposite sex!

So, in summary, if you're asking yourself how to get rid of love handles, you should be answering yourself: With common sense, right now, every day, till it's done!

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