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20.11.2008 Relationship

Get your ex back - two options


The following article is from where you will find many more tips and advice on how to get your ex back.

Some times after a break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend we can very oftern be left with the feeling of being robbed like as if your ex has stolen something from the way we “used to be”.

During a relationship we often invest so much that, and when it ends, it can take weeks months or even years to get our feet back on the ground again, but what do I mean when I “say get your feet back on the ground” well I really mean“feel back to normal”. that you can know the way you use to be when every thing felt OK!

Doe's that make sense?

Lets look at it this way.
Here you are going through life minding your own business then you get this boyfriend or girlfriend …. After a while it all falls apart and the boyfriend or girlfriend then becomes an ex…. and now you feel rotten.

So where do you go from there?

Well! I suppose it can be true to say that you only really
the above options. that you can do.

1. learn how to getn your ex back

2. Get back to the way you used to be i.e., pre ex.

But which one is going to be the easiest?

Getting back your ex is not only going to depend on the circumstances of the relationship but also the circumstances of the break-up, and getting back to the way you used to be is going to depend on how fast you can dispense with all those memories and sentimentality's you still have regarding this ex boyfriend or girlfriend.