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14.11.2008 General News

LCS celebrates Annual International Festival

By The Statesman

Lincoln Community School has held its Annual International Festival as part of its 40th anniversary.

The annual festival is a celebration of the diversity of the school, which currently houses 575 students from over 50 countries.

 The festival was held at its school grounds in Abelempe last Saturday which began with a parade of nations by children from countries such as India, Columbia, Ghana, Holland, among others.

A series of cultural shows and a food bazaar where parents and students had the opportunity to sample cultural dishes from different nationalities were displayed, following an all-nations cup tournament between the different nationalities with Holland emerging as the overall cup winner.

In an interview with The Statesman , the Superintendent of the school, John Roberts, explained that the importance of the festival is to let the children understand each others' cultural views and get accustomed to them so as to help them move to any part of the world without encountering any kind of cultural indifference.

"This year the festival is especially significant as LCS is celebrating 40 years of providing quality education to the local and international members of the Ghanaian community' he noted, adding that the school is about to introduce a scholarship program which will be advertised in the media early next year. 

According to Mr Roberts, the school was established in 1968 with the aim of helping the student to be respectful, caring and able to live in a multicultural environment.

Their mission is to inspire students to achieve the highest standards of intellectual and personal development through a stimulating and comprehensive programme.

'LCS is an American international school primarily which serves the expatriate community, with 80% of the student populations from the international community,' he said.

He noted that Ghana has the highest percentage of students in the school because their parents want them to be exposed to other nations.   

He explained that an international school such as LCS is important to members of the expatriate community because it reduces the impact of the culture shock that most of the children experience when they move to a different

The high quality of education helps the students settle in quickly and comfortably into any international school or higher education facility in any country.

Mr Roberts mentioned that the school, which started as an American school, is affiliated with all the international schools in the world so the children have the chance of attending any school of their choice in the world after graduating.