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11.11.2008 Relationship

Get ur ex back 2 basics!


Ok so you split with 'ur ex'. Whether it was a volcanic fight or a daily drifting apart, your relationship is now strictly flatlined.

Now you're looking at your dead relationship and thinking, “Maybe I was wrong” and “After all I still like my ex” and you want to get out those handheld electric machines they use to restart people's hearts in the hospital dramas so you can blast your love back to life again! In other words you're thinking about changing your mind and trying to 'get ur ex back'.


Now I'm not saying you're wrong.

Just don't jump in and make a mistake as soon as you have the thought and then regret it later.
Get back to basics.

What 'basics' are we talking about here?

1. Why would you make an important decision when you're feeling tired, stressed or upset? Look at it this way. Would you be happy about writing an exam to apply for a university but it was marked by someone who was tired, stressed and upset? Would you be happy about flying in a plane if the pilot was tired, stressed and upset? Would you be willing to let a friend make an important decision for you, one that would affect the rest of your life, while that friend was feeling tired, stressed and upset?

So why would you trust your own decision about this while you're tired, stressed and upset?

2. Is there actually a good reason why you don't want to
pull your ex back
and you're ignoring it or putting it on one side?
Let's be blunt! Did ur ex actually make you feel worse after you'd seen them? Don't let the shock of losing ur ex force you into trying to get back with someone who actually doesn't enhance your life and make things better for you. You can move on. Life can get better. So at least pause and consider it's possible that this split is actually 'good' bad luck.

3. Get a gameplan. Okay. So you have weighed it all up and you are clear in your mind and yes, you want to get ur ex back. So here's the big basic. What are you going to do about it? Remember, ur ex is probably feeling a bit shaken up and upset right now too. And let's face the possibility that you might not be their favourite person right now. And you have to handle this person so they want to get back with you.

You need a method, a plan of action and some certainty that it's the right approach. And you need to know that you've got enough diplomacy skills to make that plan stick.

Maybe you'll choose to create that plan yourself to get ur ex back. Maybe you'll decide to use a proven gameplan tested by thousands of others. Whichever it is, having those steps in mind will help to keep you calm, competent and moving forwards with life in your goal to get ur ex back.

So the answers to the question of how to get my ex back after a break-up? are:

1.Get in good
2.Get a clear idea of your ex-relationship.
3.Get a gameplan.