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04.11.2008 Art


Erotic Love
Silently you come to me
Entwining fingers as our hands meet
I give you a feather kiss on your cheeks,
And I whisper ''I love you"
Then you slowly lick my fingers one by one
Teasing ... Tasting ... Tempting
I press myself to you
You bend your head to kiss my lips
I caress you gently with my fingertips
Your stomach curves inwardly
You skin tingles to my touch
I run my fingers along your back
Massaging gently as I go
I feel your manliness responding
As I am pressed so close to you
Our lips meet in passion
Tongues licking in unison
You gently kiss my face
With butterfly kisses so light
Your mouth finds my breasts
Cupping my nipple in your mouth
Flicking it with your tongue
Pinching it with your teeth
You glide fingernails down my sides
Feel the goose pimples you have created
Your mouth moves on nipping my flesh
As you travel down my body to my calves
I am so alive & awakened for you
My bare nipples rub against your chest
I lift my head to taste your mouth
My hands stroke you sensually to life
We both crave each other
Passion unleashed
Throwing your head back
You can't take anymore
As I shriek in ecstasy
In one strong push
Your inside of me
You move faster and faster
We are both scaling the sky
The joy is immense...
Then we both sigh...