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27.10.2008 Politics

MPs desert parliament

By myjoyonline
MPs desert parliament

Members of Parliament have deserted their parliamentary duties, hunting for votes in the December polls.

The situation has become worrying as the House has not been able to form a quorum to deliberate and vote on key policies.

In some cases the legitimacy of bills passed into laws has come under scrutiny considering the size of MPs present.

With some 41 days to the election, there are fears the situation might be worse even before Parliament takes a break on November 7.

On Monday, one of the MPs told Joy News' correspondent, the work of Parliament has seriously been hampered by the absence of members.

“We sat to approve a Bill as important as the Pension Bill and not more than 20 MPs were present. I don't think it is proper.”

“But it is understandable. Once you sit here trying to see to the work of Parliament, there are those who are not MPs who want to take your seat from you, going round the constituency campaigning,” he added.

NDC MP for Lawra Nandom, Benjamin Kumbour, said government must prevail on its members to attend to parliamentary duties.

“If government brings its business to Parliament, there is an obligation on government to ensure its MPs are around for they and the Minority to transact the government business.”

Majority leader in Parliament, Abraham Osei-Aidoo, said the phenomenon was not unusual, especially with few days away for the 2008 election.

He however believed the situation would improve in the coming days.

Story by Nathan Gadugah