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Obeis Football Management Obeis Talent Hunt 2008


About Us

Obeis Football Management (OFM) is a soccer managing organization aimed at searching and transforming young but talented footballers into matured and marketable players.

OFM periodically organizes football competitions to look out for underdeveloped football talents and develop them to fill out important vacant rolls in fulfilling the aim at finding good replacements for the various ailing positions in our national football teams and thereby creating a professional career opportunity for them.


Obei's Football Management has registered over 2,000 footballers for this year's 'Talent Hunt' exercise. The registration which came off on the 13th through to the 17th of October was glamorous and witnessed many footballers from across the country.

Out of the registered number, 23 qualified players would be selected through a justify-your-inclusion exercise which takes place on October 24th and 25th.

The selected players would then be camped and trained for a training tour to South Africa and France where they are expected to develop their football talents.

OFM would bear all the expenses including accommodation, air fares and feeding of the selected players.

The aim of this exercise is to offer gainful employment for the youth. Due to the upcoming December election, the event partners of OFM found it prudent to offer employment for the unemployed youth in order to keep them busy and protect them from being used by disgruntled elements to cause confusion.

Obei's Football Management manages football players and sees to it that they secure proper contracts in reputable clubs both locally and outside the shores of Ghana.

As a new and exciting player representation agency, we offer our members with expert career advice and we are there to support or represent any member who secures a full time professional or semi professional playing contract.
OFM is radically different and has only one aim - putting the players' interests first. OFM stands next to the player at every step of their career, from their first contract to career progression after football.
Our team includes leading qualified FIFA football agents in Europe currently representing a number of high profile players. Players need to concentrate of playing and developing on the pitch while OFM caters for all other aspects allowing a stress free and successful career.

Services include:
1. Contract Negotiations
2. Financial and Wealth Asset Management
3. Endorsements and Sponsorship Negotiations
4. Media Training
5. Commercial Activities
6. Public / Media Relations
7. Lifestyle Management

OFM is a dynamic sports management and talent scouting agency working with many of the leading football clubs all over Europe.
Our aim is to provide youth and senior level players with a unique opportunity to get scouted, whether they have slipped through the net or are currently without a club.

Contact us:

P. O. Box 2850
Accra, Ghana
Tel: +233 21
+233 27 244 1925
Fax: +233 21312075
e-mail: [email protected]