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10.10.2008 Political

Re: "The NPP Worth Dying For?"


Hmmm, Ghana - eyeasem oo! Opanin, whiles one must be sympathetic in all cases of human suffering, we must never encourage nepotism - if we wish to progress as a people. That is why there are so many square pegs in round holes in our country - and we are going nowhere fast: as evidenced by our slowly being engulfed by filth.

Your story is a perfect illustration of the mindset of the "My-party-my-tribe-right-or-wrong" myrmidons, whose blind support of political parties is ruining our nation.

The position of district chief executive (DCE), is pivotal in the scheme of things in our country - yet political parties refuse to let grassroots people elect them: and on a party political basis.

As things stand, instead of working for grassroots people, their role is to promote the political agenda of the Ghanaian president of the day. Yet, we say we are a democracy: although grassroots people are not allowed to choose local leaders!

You, like all those who only think of the spoils of power, want it to be a reward for party work - yet DCE's can make a real difference in the quality of life of the people they are meant to serve: if they were responsive to their needs. Incredible!

Massa, have you never heard of the words "sacrifice" and "patriotism" before? Those who support political parties must not think they are making investments for future gain - in anticipation of being rewarded with cushy sinecures such as the position of DCE.

There are many Ghanaians who suffer materially, because they refuse to become praise-singers of politicians and political parties - and close their eyes to wrong-doing in our nation. Some, are even hounded for serving their country - and many have even languished in prison for serving Ghana faithfully.

Massa, in case it has not dawned on you yet, we are actually building a nation - not setting ourselves up to participate in the gang rape of mother Ghana.

Make personal appeals to those whom you serve - but never make such outrageous statements asking to be favoured for serving a political party. Never expect a reward for serving your own people - for that is what politics ought to be about: not personal gain, at the expense of society, Opanin.

Finally, here is some food for thought for you: Has it ever occurred to you that if Alhaji Alihu Mahama, the current vice president had been a man who hailed from Kokofu and was called Nana Kywediampong Ababio, his party would have found a way for him to succeed President Kufuor, and made him their presidential candidate?

Dr Danquah, once dismissed Nkrumah's government as a regime with (taflatse, please, Opanin) "Ntafuo" in it. Massa, nothing has changed - you and your family had better revise your notes.

May God bless our homeland Ghana, always. Long live freedom! Long live Ghana!
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