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07.10.2008 News

TOTAL RECALL: When Kofi Boakye met with alleged drug barons

TOTAL RECALL: When Kofi Boakye met with alleged drug barons

A few days ago, the interdicted police director of operations, ACP Kofi Boakye, was called to the bar. He is now a lawyer. And his journey to the bar has been quite a joyous, glorious ride as he graduated top of his graduating class at the Ghana Law School. He won five awards in all.

But cast your mind to just a couple of years ago.

In 2006, Kofi Boakye had a lot of explaining to do after a secret tape recording of a meeting he allegedly held in his house with some suspected drug barons was made public. It all had to do with the disappearance of 77 parcels of cocaine aboard the MV Benjamin, a vessel under security guard at the Tema Port.

Chief Justice Georgina Woode (then a judge of the Supreme Court) led a panel to investigate the matter. Her committee recommended the prosecution of Boakye and several others. That hasn't happened and rather ironically, Mrs Woode was the one who presented Boakye with his top prize at the graduation ceremony... More on this later.

For now, though, here is the transcript of the secret recording of the conversation supposedly between the alleged drug barons in the missing 77 parcels of cocaine at the Tema Harbour and ACP Kofi Boakye, Director-General of Operations of the Police Service.

Below is the transcript of the tape recording. The characters at the meeting, held at the residence of ACP Kofi Boakye (KB) are Tagor (TG), Kwabena Acheampong (KA), Alhaji Issah Abass (AL), Alhaji Moro (AM) and other people present.

KB: Do we have brandy?

AL: Whisky would be ok.

KB: There is a Black Label

KB: All is well here, last time I heard you and Tagor had gone for some goods but later I heard that it was Tagor who was buying the goods. He went and told them that he was going to bring money to make the purchase. They told Tagor that they were keeping one that he could collect.. when he brings the money, then he will get it. ... When you came, you told me that you had heard that Tagor says you Alhaji and I had gone for the goods and I told you that how could I and you do business?

KB: I later got a call from Joe Bosby

AL: Correction… I said Joe Bosby told me that Tagor told him that you and I had gone for the goods on the vessel.

KB: Ok, then I did not understand you. We were therefore conducting investigations. Three days ago, I got a call …… that they had information that some Columbians had come to town and that the goods belong to the Columbians and that there were two Columbians who were on the ship before the goods were taken. It is suspected that the two Columbians have been killed and dumped into the sea.

There are some Columbians in Abidjan who have arrived. And the Nigerian guy who brought the business has also started talking in Abidjan. Yaw Billa has also said somewhere that they have received goods. I wouldn't hide anything from you. The whole thing is that we are brothers and that's why we sitting here. When you Alhaji came to my office, I asked about all this. You swore to me but whenever Alhaji swears, I know he is lying.

KB: Don't you have the black one, yes, this is Johnnie Walker. Drink this one Soya Fresh.

KA: Is this the one you have? No black one?

KB: Kwabena will you take Cognac?

AL: Oh Big man, I am joking

KB: I mean Kwabena not you. I know an Alhaji does not drink.

KA: Alhaji haven't I taken Vodka with you before.

AL: You convinced me to drink it

KA: I like that

KB: As for Johnny Walker, if you get a good one, that's fine but as for this one, it's not a good one

KB: The reason why I called you all today is that the general consensus is and he has shown me it was the two of you who hatched the plan. It is only the two of you who know the plan. As to how you…

AL: What plan are you referring to?

KB: The way you ...... ok tell your own story, I want you to explain the step you took. You know I cannot explain it well as Issa is also here.

KB: Tell all you know.

KA: Issa cannot say I have done any business with him

KB: Explain to him all the steps that you took, you know what I'm referring to?

TG: The Nigerian came to see me. I concluded all the arrangement.

KA: Who did you meet with the Nigerian?

TG: I met him with a man in Dansoman. We met again on another day where they asked for the details.

KB: Who needed the details?

TA: The Nigerians

KA: It is like buying a car; you need the papers to know that it's the exact.

KB: Or to know that it is the right ship.

TA: And the cost involved... when we met again...

KB: Is it the Nigerian? Listen to what we are discussing. It is the truth I want.

TA: I don't know how this matter came out. When this issue came out, that same week, I met him in Alhaji's house. I was informed by a friend that the Nigerian and his wife visited Alhaji. I heard this very late. He accused me that we are doing the business with him. I have an Uncle who has returned from the US. Since we did that business, he traveled outside, so I told him that I would investigate because I didn't know about the business.

I communicated with my uncle about the business and no one knows that I do business with my uncle. Before then, I was in Kumasi when I heard something about the ship. I am only assuming, so I concluded that if the ship had caught fire, then the Nigerian had given the business to Alhaji, because Alhaji and I wanted to buy and use the ship for business. When I heard this, I assumed that it was that ship which had been used for the business.

That is what my mind tells me. We were all planning to use the ship for business.

KB: All this is speculation, it's no fact. Allow him to finish his narration. Tagor, you continue

TG: To my knowledge, the Nigerian, since the guy hinted that he had passed behind me, that's what I know.

KB: You suspected Issah.
TG: It's not the suspicion. All the time, the Nigerian goes to Issa

AL: Every bad thing is connected to Issa
KB: Kwabena, what is your side of the story?

KA: My side is what Tagor has narrated but there are bits and pieces that my investigation brought out. It was confirmed that there are two Columbians who are coming down. But the problem is that there were two Columbians also on the vessel. When the people went and received the goods from the ship, they were the people they saw before they released the goods.

KB: Were the Columbians the ones who gave the password? Who knows the password? So whoever was to receive the goods must have the password. How could the receiver know the password? Was it not you who gave the business to Issa?

AL: No, no, he has not introduced any business to me. The Nigerian has been my friend for a long time. It was through me that Nigerian (Paul) got to know Tagor. Tagor went into business with Paul and later wanted to arrest him. You even beat up his friend. I came and told you that Paul is my friend so forget it. By that time, I had done some business with Tagor and he had cheated me, which I have not complained about. Paul is my friend, and he comes to my house all the time. Even three days ago, Paul was in my house.

KA: Did Paul not come to your house three days ago?

AL: Paul came to my house before he left for Guinea.
KA: No Paul is in Abidjan, not Guinea

AL: Paul left the day Kofi Sika left. Paul told me he was going to Guinea. Every weekend, a lot of people come to my house. Tagor has not brought any business to me. I called Tagor about a boat whose owner is saddled with debt. He wants us to repair the boat and use it for business. I gave you the bill for the repair. You told me you were going to see your people, you never came back. The boy has been coming to me in Tema all the time.

KB: I am in this case because my name has cropped up but I know nothing about these goods. Alhaji once called me about a case I never understood. About five days ago, he told me that his friends had informed him that there was some business in town and that if I knew where the goods were, I should come and seize them so that he could also get his share as a mediator.

AL: Kofi, later Tagor comes to me every weekend. Some of your boys went to arrest some 800 in a hotel at Abelenkpe. I did not want to inform you because I know you will take it up. Then Kofi Sika called me that the goods were for Paul.

KB: Which boys are you referring to?

AL: The boys are from Central Police Station.

KB: You should have to brief me well.

AL: So I went to see the boys.

KA: Is it 800kg or 800g?

AL: It is 800g.

KA: Don't be acting manly, only 800g

KB: You are too known

AL: When you go and do your dirty deals, then you blame it on me; you are destroying my name. This is what I have. Paul said he couldn't go so I drove there with Kofi Sika and called Oppong who said if the goods were mine, then I should find something for the boys. They had also arrested Paul's driver. After that, I called Paul that he should pay me for the work that I did. Paul brought me $500 on Sunday. Today is Monday; when we met on Sunday at my house, Tagor came there with.............

TG: Owusu

AL: And we all ate together, including Paul. That concluded it. Later, I heard that a boat had been arrested and one Alhaji Adda, a forex bureau operator at Dansoman, called one.

KB: The one you say is his driver

AL: No, The Alhaji is related to me because he is married to my cousin. The Sinaris are my cousins

KA: That is Nora

AL: Paa called me and said Alhaji where are you? And that he wanted to meet me. I met Paa and Adda at Dzorwulu Shell. They told me their boat carrying their goods was the boat that had been seized by the Narcotics people and said they found 30kgs on the vessel. Then he asked that if I could see the Narcotic guys to see if they could release the 30kgs for them. I further asked if the good were for them.

KB: (Receives phone call)

AL: I asked if the goods were for them. I said, so Paa, you have such business and you haven't informed me? I told Paa that I heard that something like that had happened in Tema. I do not even know the boat because I even don't go to the fishing harbour. Paa told me that the boat is called BENJAMIN. I told them that the people who seized the drugs, if it were the Ghana Police, I could talk to them but those Narcotics people at Ministries, it is difficult to talk to them. Then he told me that the owners were white guys. He called the white owners of the goods in my presence and spoke to them in Arabic and told me that they were Lebanese.

We parted company and went our separate ways. I told them to ask them to show us where the goods were. But Adda said he was sure some of the goods were on the boat. Adda promised to call and show me where the goods were but he did not call back. From there, I called Tagor and told him that there was some business in town and we didn't know. Tagor promised to find out who was involved. Tagor called later and asked, did I know that Joe Bosby was spreading rumors that Tagor, Issa and Kofi Boakye were the ones behind the business? I told them that it was Narcotic, National security, Navy and Air force who seized the vessel. Rumors started spreading that the goods were with me.

KB: From here, I am going to report to National Security. As for Narcotics Control Board, whether they like it or not, there would be a shake up there.

AL: Kofi Boakye called me
KB: Yes I called you

AL: And he spoke about the Narcotics People and said that the Narcotics people should be careful. He even mentioned Ben's and others' names and said that Ben had done this and that he should be very careful. I told Kofi Boakye that Ben had done nothing and that Ben is like a brother to me.

KB: Yea, Yea

AL: He said he had information and that Ben knew this and he has done that. I said that I knew nothing about that and that I heard Ben had even traveled.
KB: Yes, you said it.

AL: When I came out from there (KB's office), I met Tagor. Then I told the big man that if Tagor came out, I would see him. When I got down, then I got a phone call that it was JBK who was spreading rumors that we went to do that thing. I denied even doing that. That I did not have the big man's number but it was Moro or Yaw Billa who gave it to me. And I called the big man to tell him that he should call JBK and others to stop tarnishing my name that I went with the narcotics people to the boat. And I said a boat which is on the sea...

KB: When you came to my office the first day, what did I ask you?

AL: You asked me that they say I and Tagor….
KB: Apart from that, did I say that you and some people went on the boat?

AL: Yes, you said that I went with some people on a boat to search it and took the goods? Then I said no way

KB: I asked you because I have that information

AL: After that you asked me to tell truth in God's name and if Tagor knew anything about. Answer yourself, what my response was

KB: What Issa said was that he believed that Tagor did not know anything about it. Listen… that is what he said. And I said I had information that it was Tagor who bought the goods and he left one box

AL: That Tagor was going to buy
KB: That is why when I called Tagor, he cut the conversation and we went to his house. It is not that it has been reported that he has done something. That is my information and Issa too I don't believe him. And as he is here, he is my brother but I don't believe him

AL: Why is it that you don't believe me?
KB: It's because you are a business man.

AL: You get wrong information all the time. I am not that business man as you people think. The last you made a comment in your office. You have a wrong picture about me. The way I am with you, people always try to give false information about me

KB: Oh Alhaji, Alhaji is my brother but I don't trust him
AL: It is the same way I also don't trust you.
KB: Me, as a Policeman you don't have to trust me. You do so at your own risk.

AL: Me, I cannot trust you
AL: But me I will defend you if I know the truth about you. Its like Ben, he is my brother. I know that he has not even taken one thing.
KB: You Alhaji but I give you goods to sell for me. If I have goods worth one billion, I would have stopped this business so we will stop worrying. I have been telling you this everyday

TG: Alhaji, now the thing has been put on me and on commander.

KB: That is why I called you here KA: Your name is not there

AL: Your name is not there, but is it my name that has reached there?

KB: He is talking about the Columbians

KA: Your name is not there, it is this person whose name is there
KB: And you your name, so that me…..

AL: No it's Tagor
KB: It would have been a third world War

KA: Your name is not there, it is this person

KB: Look, if they know my name, nobody can do anything to me.

TG: Right now, Adda is claming ownership of the goods.

AL: No, Adda told me he knows who the goods belong to. They came to find out if there is a way the Narcotics guys can be spoken to so they can get the 30 kg.

KB: Then it means that the 1700kgs is with Adda.

AL: I don't know about that.

KB: Alhaji listen, no one would transport 30kgs all the way to Ghana. I think that the goods are with Adda

KA: The goods is 1800kgs, it's the truth
TG: We need to invite Adda.

AL: Why do we have to invite Adda, he would say that I have reported him. Before we invite Adda, we have to know why we are inviting him so that we don't look stupid before him. It will just be hear say

KB: Look when it becomes critical, we will arrest Adda. Me myself, I will arrest him. Once my name has been mentioned, I must get to the bottom of this matter. I have told the Inspector General of Police. The IGP said, if you know where the information came from that my name has come up in this matter and that I was asked to come. Once my name has been mentioned, I have to clear my name but to clear my name, I have to know where the goods are.

AL: Kofi, before you say all these things, remember that it was Narcotics Board who conducted the operation. Where did they get their information? You are a Police officer, you can get it from them.

KB: Alhaji, the reason why I called you here is that you are my brother; I will never deny you. Me, I will never deny you.
KA: But he is a professional man.

KB: I got to know you in 1994 during Kanka's funeral. That very night, we had dinner together and as at that time, I knew nothing about you but you have been very nice to me and me too I have been nice to you. There have been so many cases in which you have intervened, which I have let go. As for me, if my name is mentioned in a case... I'm thinking about myself. I do not even know why my name has come in and Joe Bosby claimed it is Tagor who is spreading the rumors.

AL: There is a war between them because they are accusing each other. They should find a solution to the problem. Joe Bosby says it is you, you also claim it is Joe Bosby

TG: Joe Bosby told me personally
KB: I went to the funeral, the one that you said you would be attending, where Kwabena Acheampong told me Bonsu has informed him that I have not been friendly to him. That it was JBK who told him. XXX: (Voice not audible… ) we have to protect ourselves.

AL: How can we protect ourselves? Call a spade a spade

KB: The issue is that the three of us, our names have been mentioned. You have friends but I don't have. I can always come to you. You need to find the one who has custody of the goods. I am doing what I can. Now the onus is on you, you and you to find out where the goods are. Now you are talking about Narcotics Control board; I will go there and talk to Akuoko and explain matters to him about all that I know. I wouldn't have bothered if my name had not been mentioned. When the Columbians and Venezuelans brought some goods to Ghana and you bought houses at Airport, Manet and Sakumono, I monitored the vessel from Togo before we arrested the wife of the Venezuelan on the boat and that information was kept amongst us. They were later arrested by Apeatu. As for me my reputation is at stake.
AL: The reputation of all of us is at stake. I don't do business with any body.

KB: You are a private man but I am a Public Officer because if someone says I, Director of Operation is involved, that's bad. The two of you will agree that I have no knowledge of this matter. So I was surprised when Alhaji called me about this fact that there are some goods in town and that I should do the operation, so that they can get something from it. It was then that I had information from Tema. I even called Alhaji

AL: About the burning of the boat.
KB: I even called you that the boat was burning.

AL: I don't even know the boat, Benjamin. My name is being thrown around too much and I know nothing about this business.

KB: Issa, to be honest, a BNI man or something told me. I have that information. I heard that you Issa had gone onto the boat with some people so when he came, I asked him if he was the one who went on to the boat with the Narcotic people. I also told him that it was Tagor who was to buy the goods that are missing; when the time comes, we will know the truth. Right now, my main aim is to protect the IGP.

You know that in spite of our differences in the past, Alhaji… you know that first when I get angry with IGP, I call you. What did you say Yaw Billa told you?

TG: He said that the thing is “cooked” and he knows where the goods are and that the Sheriff cripple has taken his share and gone.

AL: You see, let me tell you brothers all today, you are all small boys in the business. I'm 53 years and have worked all my life. Every bad thing is associated with Issa. The cripple Yaw Billa is referring to is Sheriff. The owner of the boat is Mr. Dawson, the son of the owner of TTV Limited. Sheriff hired the vessel for this trip. He himself has a boat called CHECK 1. So when this happened, Sheriff ran away and the Narcotics people have picked his driver and wife. If you say that Sheriff has taken his share and run away, people say things they don't know. You know that Yaw Billa talks a lot.

I did business with you Tagor, you cheated me, I didn't complain. I am not a small boy. The big man is here and he can judge for us. I introduced business partners to you even though you also have partners you work with. About 200kgs of goods then came into your custody. You kept the goods in your warehouse. Within three or four days, you claimed that thieves had broken into your warehouse and stolen the goods, not knowing that you did that job with your driver. You told the Columbian, I Issa stole the goods. So they came here to kill me. When they came, they realized that you lied.
KB: So Columbians can come into the country to kill people.

AL: Let me continue. You later told me that the culprit was an Ashanti boy who lives opposite your house; the boy had escaped. I told the Columbians that I was not responsible for the 200kg but you (Tagor) told me that it was the boy. The Columbians went looking for the boy, found him and declared they were going to do business with them. The Columbians reminded me to confirm the identity of the boy. I called you Tagor that I had seen the boy so you should come so that we arrest the boy. You didn't come. I later got to know that you did that job with your driver.

This stupid boy who can't buy “Opel” has bought two houses. He has a house from Chris Asher who sells tanks at Katamanto. How did this boy get money to buy a house worth $140,000? He bought another one in Tema and opened a communication centre! What are you people talking about? Don't annoy me. You did that business with that guy; when my goods came, I gave everybody some. Ask Yaw Billa. From then, I have never dealt in drugs again. I called you Tagor as my junior and complained that I was not happy about what you did to me. At least, you should give me some money out of that deal.

Up till now, you haven't. I bought a car from you Tagor at $10,000- a passat car for my wife which got burnt the next day.
TG: Did I sell a car to you.
AL: You asked Yaw Deuteh to give the car to me. I gave it back to Yaw Denteh to repair it. After the repairs, he refused to release the car to me though I had paid him. I called you Tagor that Yaw Deuteh is refusing to release the car to me but you didn't say anything. As I speak, the car is still with Yaw Denteh. I therefore stayed away from all of you. I only came back when I heard that the Columbians wanted to hurt you. I came in to protect you. I met one of them in London and pleaded with them to forget about the whole thing. They told me that even your driver has bought a house. On my return from London, I went to Chris Asher at Katamanto who confirmed that your driver had bought a house from him at $140,000.

How can a driver buy a house at $140,000? You should stop what you are doing. Let my name rest. You are killing my name. There was a time Joe Bosby and the rest were saying I was working with Ben. What has Ben done? I don't do any business with Ben. Ben is my brother and he will always be my brother. If anybody is saying anything, they should know what they say.

TG: I am happy that you have raised this matter because you are my friend. The goods that got missing were not for you but for me and my uncle.
AL: Then why did the one who broke into your warehouse make me an armed robber?
TG: That's why you say Yaw Bella talks too much.

AL: It's not that Yaw Billa talks, you know that you did it.

TG: I am explaining it to you. You have said your part. Listen to me; the goods are not for you, so let me explain something to you. We bought some goods from you. First of all, I didn't know you were introduced to one by Yaw Billa that you are a strong man. I called you and said you could arrange something from some Columbians. In the first place, the people brought many and I matched them because I didn't know them. So I didn't want to put too much in it.

KB: Was it three tons?
AL: Leave him to speak. We are talking about that 100kgs, so stop the story you are narrating. KA: The 800kg is past, so leave that one.

TG: No, I still want to explain it to Alhaji because you have all listened to him. When they came, I matched them....

TG: When they came, they said we should buy 100 kgs and credit another 100kgs. I again matched then on another 100kgs but Alhaji didn't know that. I went to Alhaji and told him that I wanted to credit 100kg and that he should also credit some so that we could sell but he said he could not afford.

AL: That 100kg, you didn't give me a pesewa.

TG: Oh Alhaji, you are ungrateful: on that same business, I dashed you $40,000. Ask Yaw Billa. Have you forgotten?

AL: Tagor, speak the truth because you are a young man in the business.

TG: If you do that, then I will know that you are not a good man.

AL: Yes, am not a good man because you use my name for the business.
TG: Of the 200kg, we credited 100kg and bought 100kg. In all this, you Alhaji didn't want to credit because you know I can pay when it goes bad. That's why you gave it to me. After credit, we realized that the thing was not going as the way was not clear. Alhaji came and said the Columbians were worrying you and so anytime he called me, he wanted to see the goods and I also didn't want you to know where I keep the goods. Anytime he called me, I met him at a place with my driver and showed the goods to him that the goods were still here and we would return it for safe keeping. I didn't know if Alhaji had someone following us or not. I am a businessman and I have the right to suspect you on anything that happens. I showed the goods to you two times. The goods were supposed to leave the next day but because of the pressure from Alhaji, I arranged for him to be paid in Holland for what we credited. It was this that the goods left the next day. I didn't understand the whole thing. I balanced the whole thing with my......................

AL: As for you Tagor, you think you are a smart cockroach. Don't think you know too much.

TG: Let me explain it to him.
KB: Your driver bought two houses?

AL: It is more than two houses; $140,000 for one and you are telling me that you gave $40,000. Can you give me $40,000? You gave your driver $1 million. Look, Tema is a small place; it will come out.

TG: Let me tell you so that you can ask Charles.

AL: How can I ask Charles? Charles doesn't know how your driver bought the house. They were all shocked when the driver bought the house. Everybody knows you took the goods, so stop what you are doing.

TG: Listen let me explain

KA: That is your personal business.

AL: Everywhere you use my name, you do your bad dirty things and you use my name. So everybody says Issa is bad.

KB: I want you people to explain things to me.

AL: He (Tagor) told Joe Bosby about you (Kofi) and Joe Bosby said he Tagor said it. So we don't know who is speaking the truth between Joe Bosby and Tagor. I Alhaji have never mentioned your name (Kofi Boakye) to anyone.
KB: Kwabena, for me I don't really mind but those who enjoy something are ones to pay for it in times of trouble.

TG: We did some business with Mama Tess. We were sending some goods. I and my driver were sending the goods to...

AL: What are you talking about?
TG: Alhaji it is true, you don't know

AL: Tagor, you have taken and sold the goods for yourself.

TG: Alhaji, the goods are not for you.

AL: The goods were not for you; it was for the people (Columbians)
TG: I am so angry with you

AL: The goods were for the white people; if you are angry, are you the one feeding me? Tagor, enough is enough. Stop using my name.

TG: I am not feeding you. Ask those behind, don't talk like that, Alhaji listen.
AL: It pains me that you did that

KB: Alhaji has told me about this all the time
AL: Yes I have told you

TG: You can ask Yaw Deuteh.

TG: When we “cut” goods... how did he buy his house? Wofa ,it was not the goods for London. You won't get anything if you “cut” London goods. The one for America, you can cut and get 20 and each 60,000 (US$60,000) so if I give my driver 40...

AL: Can you help me? Tagor I made money before you

TG: Yes, I respect that it is business you brought to me. You are my big brother.

AL: You stole somebody's goods and you use my name as the one who did it.

TG: Don't say I stole the goods. I told why I said that I suspected you.

AL: You suspected me? While you know I don't have the goods.
KB: Listen, suspicion is no basis
TG: I have accepted that I mentioned your name. I have accepted that look at how you are...

KB: look you people have wasted my day.
TG: I didn't know that, that is how you think

AL: How do you suspect me when you stole the goods and sold it with your driver? You also broke the locks to the warehouse; what are you telling me?

TG: Ah Kwabena when I have a 100kgs in my house and I want to steal it I would have hidden it somewhere else without involving my driver.

AL: Nobody should use my name again when you people get up you say Alhaji is doing business with the Narcotic people. Ben is like my brother and I don't talk business with him and I want to get that thing straight to every quarters. The Police Headquarters people I want them to know that Ben is my brother and he doesn't do any business with me and I will go to him everyday when I have to go to him he is my brother.

KB: Now you should all stop this quarrel. I thought that we had straight facts indicating that Issa and his people have gone for the goods. It seems all the stories are mere speculation. The issue of Yaw Billa said this or that. I am happy that the two of you (Alhaji and Tagor) and you Kwabena know that I know nothing about the missing goods. You people should therefore carry this message back to your people. For me I know that I can eat (get money) from you. I beg you people you can say that you have sold your goods and given me $10,000 but I don't do business with you. If I say I will arrest you, I can do that. Look the whole Ghana it's only one person I have arrested since I came even that one I arrested him because he was a bluff.

I arrested him and he brought Okudzeto to solve the problem. He went and came and I arrested him. He was bluffing. It was Yaw Billa who came to his rescue. So I told him to look for something for the boys. At that time Issa and Yaw Billa were not on talking terms. Since I came to this it's only one person I have arrested because I know if I arrest the person and collect money he will say it so I don't arrest. However if I am there and you give me something like say take 1000. For example I was there one day when Issa came here and gave me Euro 500. That was a lucky day for me. Do you remember it on that day Barry White and friends were here?

AL: Yes it was Barry White and Chief
KB: So the work I do is different from yours but we meet what you have said I have heard but take my name out of this problem.

AL: Do you know something three days ago I understand that at Boomerang it was being rumored that Alhaji has received goods 1800kgs and they were calculating that if I sell it at $10,000 each I will make $18m. It was there when Lama came to my house and said congrats. He was followed by Yaw Billa, Mora and others. So for me any bad thing in Ghana is always associated with me.

KB: Oh the two bad Alhajis in Ghana are the two of you.

AL: In fact I have never stolen anything from somebody neither have I hit someone before in my life. So when people talk about I am seen as the worse person. Joe Bosby and the rest always say Issa (Alhaji) is an informant

KB: They also say Issa is my informant. Issa has not allowed chop from informant.

AL: When Kamel was arrested fingers were pointed at me. Between God and man the secret is out that I don't know anything about his arrest.

KB: Right now when you came I told you (Tagor) that Issa said you were one of the people bringing the goods.

AL: At the meeting at Cresta Royale Yaw Billa told me that you, Peter and Paul had meeting at Cresta Royale Hotel. If you want I will call Yaw Billa. I am too mature and I don't talk just like that so you had a meeting with Tagor at the hotel about this business. I am telling Peter and Paul do not know anything about this business. I can swear to that Peter said he had a meeting with you on some vessel. When they arrested him the money he had to pay I gave him $5000 to add to his money. I spoke to Tagor about the vessel because I wanted him to support. I want this to materialize if it does I will tell you. Yaw Billa told me that indeed you had such a meeting at which you Tagor was holding the vessels name and every information about the vessel so he is sure that the goods are in your custody.

When Yaw Billa and JBK meet I don't go there because they are all my small boys. The distance between us is too far. They have all work under me before. Look some Nigerians transferred money to JBK $480,000 to my account at Barclays Bank. When the money came I withdraw all the money for JBK, he gave Moro a percentage. What was left was $120,000. I was arrested by BNI when I went to withdraw my share. The BNI picked me for money transfer so I told it wasn't me and I took them to JBK and he in turn took them to the Nigerians. Till today I didn't benefit from that money I still go to court. Moro, Yaw Billa and others benefited but not me
KB: Do you remember I called you on that case as soon as I heard it.

AL: My accounts and assets have been frozen and I still go to court. JBK's account was also frozen.

KB: There is nothing in JBK's account.
AL: My $196,000 is locked up because I can't operate my accounts. Am I stupid anybody get arrested and Issa is blamed for giving the information. I was blamed for Kamel's arrest it later turned out that the white guy who was arrested (Kevin Garman) it was one of his two wives who told the Police that her husband has brought something home. Kamel was not arrested initially for six weeks when I heard rumors. I called Kamel if Kofi you will remember. He said he doesn't know anything.

I called Iddi and Kamel's father too. Six weeks later Garman's wife Ayesha came to talk to me and called Kamel in my presence that Kamel should give $20,000 to Addo Attuah. I went to Addo Attuah who told me that Garman had told him in confidence that some of the goods are with Kamel and that if he does not give the $20,000 he will mention Kamels name. I went to Kamel he denied it Addo Attuah is my witness. When Ayesha told her husband (Garman) then he mentioned Kamel's name and he was arrested by Narcotics. People started saying I had betrayed Kamel because he is richer than me.

How can Kamel be richer than me? I have ten houses in Tema. I have eight kids and five grand children they are joking with me. It hurts me when people tarnish my name that Alhaji Issa is bad. I don't know what I have done. Nobody can say Alhaji did this or that. This is nonsense. When Kofi Boakye invited me to his meeting I told him that I have no matter with anyone. This Ben matter that you raise I told you that Ben doesn't do any business with me.

KB: In fact one thing he said was you don't know anything about this business. When you came I told you. I thank you all for coming that you now know that I don't know anything about this it is my name that came in that I don't understand. It's been quite along time I saw Alhaji. If I don't call him, he won't come. These days I call him when I have complaints.

AL: When I come to you people think that I come with information.

KB: You remember I fought with you over a case that when you get money you don't give some to chop.

AL: Yes it involved $2m people thought that I had taken that money.

KB: Joe Donkor went to collect $100,000 to give to Police men while I didn't know anything about that.

AL: When Kofi Boakye was looking for him to arrest he came and told Kofi that I called him and told him that Kofi Boakye was looking for him.

KB: Me too I am tired and don't have money eh! Kwabena Acheampong, right now Alhaji I thank you for coming.

AL: So now you understand the issues. I know nothing about this.
KB: Yes I have understood the ball is now in the court of you two. (Alhaji and Tagor)

AL: The Columbians are coming. They know the one they did business with. That person should also know who he went with to collect the goods. The Columbians are coming let us have a meeting with them. At the end of the day your life is at stake it is good to meet them. They will call the person they had the business with.

KB: I think that the person behind the business collected the goods.

AL: Exactly. So the Columbians where are they now, Abidjan. If they are in Abidjan lets meet them.

KB: Let's find out who they did the business with. I understand that those who collected the goods have made part payment.

TG: By this evening I will know
AL: I have been calling you and you don't pick my calls.

TG: No no no
AL: Is it because you are angry with me. Tagor I have been calling you since Sunday.

TG: Is it with the blocked line
AL: No with my ............. you know what I mean. We have to find out the solution to this problem.

TG: Give me your number Alhaji
AL: The thing is in town

TG: Tonight we will find out.
KA: Tagor I have told you that there is nothing that Alhaji would not tell me because we are not friends but brothers.

TG: You see how Commander (KB) was saying he was also called that Alhaji went onto the boat. The whole thing was confusing
AL: No I didn't go onto the boat, I don't even know the boat. You all have to be one.

TG: Yes we have to be one. We know that we can find where the thing is.

AL: We know we can find it give me time this evening lets meet we will find an amicable solution to this. If we know where the thing is then we can strategize. Now everybody is saying whatever he likes. If you know the boat, the Columbians are in Abidjan lets know when they are coming they know when they are coming they should come immediately. TG: The office people

AL: In Columbia?
TG: We have spent a great deal of money on this business
AL: So we should take it serious. That day I called you and you didn't pick my call
TG: Yaw Billa called me and you ask Kwabena Acheampong I put him on the speaker phone and asked where I was because that you Alhaji have requested I come with him to see you.

AL: Me?
TG: You ask Kwabena Acheampong
AL: People involve me and I don't know why you say that the Narcotic guys went with 15kgs, what are they talking about?

KA: Right now Tagor because of me he got angry.

AL: If am angry with him it is in my heart and I have said my peace. If am dead won't you come.

TG: Yes I like it. Oh I will come
KA: The two of you should work together so that we find ways and means of solving this problem.

TG: It was Joe Bosby who gave an idea of what was going on. You see we are not on good terms but the way he called me and I know that I have nothing to do with their coming. So if you have done that and I don't know then
AL: Then I am hiding something from you. Joe Bosby knows something about it. So if I call you pick my calls

KA: You have made Alhaji to board a plane to Ghana for nothing. All that you said was nonsense.
AL: By this time Opanyin (Kofi Boakye) what is the end story? Let me and find where the goods are

KB: The two of you should tell me

AL: Somebody knows where the thing is and does not say it someone else would come and chop
KB: Right now it is co-operation.
IM: You two should be one and keep your mouth shut.

KB: If you had not mentioned Bonsu's name I wouldn't have talked about Joe Bosby. I told you Joe Bosby said you were destroying my name in Kumasi.

AL: May be the thing is with Joe Bosby and his people. We shall see.
KB: This thing cannot get missing. It is in town.

AL: The thing is too many one person can not chop all
KB: Somebody came to tell me that the thing is with Tagor and he has started distributing it. People came started collecting 10kgs, 20kgs, 30kgs etc.
AL: What time are we meeting?

KB: Oh I have left everything to you two.
KB: My information is from the Columbians
AL: That's why we have to sit down
TG: By the end of the day are you going into this without getting anything?
KB: All that I can do for you is that when the Columbians get naughty I can sort them out
KA: You cannot do that without getting anything?

KB: Well, that depends on you guys. You people should find something for him
AL: Of course I am ready. 7 o'clock lets meet and have the meeting. What pains me is that Joe Bosby is trying to destroy Ben's name. Ben is a northern brother like the way I am with IGP and Kofi. I will not allow anybody to destroy your name. Ben has not done anything he is a man who is too straight. People think he is doing business. They are saying that he took some to...........??? Canada.

TG: If not a competition
KA: Right now we have tone down on all angles. The main problem is for the Columbians to tell us who they are dealing with.
AL: The cripple (Sherrif) is out because he has run away.

KA: He was the one they wanted the boat from.
AL: The way things are going I am sure it will be with Adda's people

TG: Who rented the boat from Sherrif that is paramount
KA: If you Alhaji has sent from the boat the name of real person behind should be known. If Adda knows something then.

TG: The Nigerian may also know something

AL: You mean Peter and Paul. No' Paul does not know anything.

KA: Yesterday when I spoke to the woman she said Paul does not know about it. Don't let us stand here and discuss this let's go and meet later

[First published in August, 2006]

Credit: Ato Kwamena Dadzie