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03.10.2008 Political



It is an outrageous and shameful propaganda piece, which clearly shows the total contempt that the greediest of the crooks amongst those, whom ordinary people elect to serve mother Ghana every four years, hold our nation and its people in.

For, how else can one explain this outrageous attempt to fool Ghanaians, Massa? Our country may be full of "My-party-my-tribe-right-or-wrong" myrmidons, but this really is the limit.

That shameful piece of sophistry, is a classic example of, and illustrates perfectly, why 99 per cent of Ghanaian journalists will never find employment in the Western media - unlike other Ghanaian professionals who go abroad to work (in their particular areas of competence, i.e.!).

How can any serious journalist, presumably a specialist writing in the pages of a section of his or her newspaper, which apparently focuses on business and finance, not know the difference between the official reserves of gold (bullion: gold bars kept by central banks as a store of value - and in the past used to back the currency of some nation-states: as in convertible currency!), and the mineral reserves of the deposits of gold in the ground: as estimated by geologists who have carried out surveys around our nation, for that purpose?

Is it any wonder then that so many Ghanaians worship daily at the cult of the mediocre - when those who seek to bury truth in our nation, can even get certain media houses and some journalists (who have sold their conscience!), to write such pure nonsense on bamboo stilts: and in such brazen fashion?

It might very well be fashionable in the circles of those who think they are going to rule our nation till kingdom come, to believe in their own propaganda; but ordinary Ghanaians aren't fools - as those who once held sway before June 4th 1979 eventually found out to their cost, alas.

Opanin, the Ghana of today is not a nation whose rulers can rip their country off and get away with, successfully, on a permanent basis. It might be prudent for the few dishonest and powerful tribal supremacists, who have dominated the ruling party so completely, thus far, to constantly remember that old Ghanaian saying: "No condition is permanent."

Let them ask Mr. Rawlings and Co. if they ever thought that Ghanaians, a people whom they once so clearly thought they could fool permanently, would ever throw them out of office - and strip them of power, totally. A word to the wise...

Hmmm, Ghana - eyeasem oo: asem ebaba debi ankasa! May God bless and protect out homeland Ghana, always. Long live freedom! Long live Ghana!
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