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Feb 8, 2008 | Sports

So this people have kept this coach eh!

I am giggling as I listened to JOY FM that the disappointed FA have failed to sack the disappointed coach. In fact the FA is not up and doing at all. They have messed up our football and we thought they could win this cup to bring smiles to us.
Why should the coach insult the sensibilities of Ghanaians when he was asked a question on why he should not be sacked or do the honourable thing by resigning himself. He thinks we are in the era of slavery where the man from Europe was seen as a demi-god. That era is past and gone and I expected the disappointed and the bunch of FA guys to sack him. They have failed Ghanaians and I'm not sure Ghanaians will forgive them. Take the examples of Tunisia, Senegal and the rest where the coach was sacked or resigned by themselves.
I am telling you Le Roy is overboard and lacks the technical expertise and skills of a modern day coach. A coach who has not been able to even discover a single local talent and even where he does, goes in for a player who is nowhere behind the current playmaker like Eric Bekoe.
I am sad and this FA and the likes of Le Roy should not force me to sin against my God by not supporting Ghana again as a Ghanaian. I hope they will do the right thing and stop that kind of player selection to national teams.
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