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Sports | Jan 4, 2008

African World Cup! Are we cashing in the opportunities that it would bring?

January 2008 is Ghana proudest moments. The African World Cup is going to be played in Ghana. Wow!

What does this means for business and the ordinary people?

Those who have empty buildings please do spare some cash in bringing them up to an acceptable standard to offer bed and breakfast of the spectators coming into our country.

We need to make everyone feel welcomed, as this area is the Ghanaian speciality.

Clean surroundings, selling of pineapple, palm wine, fresh made fruit juices, and cup of Africa tea or rice water pudding plus fresh bread will do as breakfast for the tourists. If host are able to charge at least $5 a night for bed and breakfast plus extra when lunch and evening meal is requested.

There is money to be made by everyone even those who live in mud homes. So long as there is a clean bed and clean sheet in clean surroundings everyone is in for a kill.

Please do spread the message to all our community leaders who live near where the African World Cup would be played.

No one should miss this golden opportunity at our doorstep.
All the hawkers and small businesses should be smart and present their products well. I hope our chocolate production would also mound the players for the tourist to take back home as souvenirs. This is also a perfect timing for selling souvenirs of our Black Star players. This is time for Ghana Football association to cash in by selling all.
Also school bags with photos of the black star players, our buses, trotro and airports need to large human size photo of our super star players to attract more customers.

This is Ghana's time to cash in on opportunity quickly before it disappears like a flash.

Things to sells for example would post cards, map of Ghana, street maps, T shirts, more varieties of chocolate, lime, ginger, orange, guava, mango, etc.

Are there Ghanaians recipe books for sale during the match etc.

Mugs with the name of the town of where the Africa World Cup on it. Tea towels aprons with our Black Star players, table cloth, curtains etc.

All Ghanaians must grasp this golden opportunity and exploit it to the best of their abilities. The future is us the future is here grasp it.

There are Ghanaians website designers out there who are helping and encouraging making it for guest book online.

Hey! what are we waiting for?

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