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25.12.2007 General News

Use Christmas to transform society-Bishop Quansah


The Right Reverend Isaac Quansah, Bishop of the Cape Coast diocese of the Methodist Church Ghana, on Monday appealed to Ghanaians to regard Christmas as a period of transformation of character and urged Christians to do away with social vices.

He said Christmas should be used to promote the "right atmosphere in the political and democratic governance in the country" and that people should help to grow the economy by working hard and being faithful wherever they find themselves.

It should therefore not be an occasion for cooking of delicious meals, drinking, decorating rooms and churches, buying new clothes or general merry making but should be the time for people to reflect, transform their character and lead Christian and responsible lives.

Rt. Rev. Quansah said in a Christmas at Cape Coast that life should be devoid of envy and jealousy, foolishness, disobedience, dishonesty, laziness, all kinds of enslavement, pornography, indecent dressing and other forms of indiscipline.

"As true followers of Christ, you should at all times promote love and peace in the country especially in next year's elections."

He urged parents to bring up their children to become responsible citizens instead of creating street children under the "lame" excuse of poverty.

Most Reverend Daniel Allotey, Bishop of the Anglican diocese of Cape Coast, appealed to Ghanaians to celebrate the "Ghana @ 50 Christmas", reflecting seriously on where they came from and where they are now as Christians, as a country as well as about the world at large.

He urged churches to allow the Holy Spirit to direct them in whatever they do, stressing that people now seem to be projecting themselves, instead of waiting for God's directive.

"Whether you are in the majority or in minority, bishop of a church or the President of a country, all directions and authority comes from God who is our Father and we must all rely on Him for the necessary grace and support."

Most Reverend Mathias Nketsia, Auxiliary Bishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Cape Coast, appealed to Ghanaians, especially Christians, to use the Christmas to encourage and promote good relationship among religious groups to enhance peace, unity and development.

He said Christmas was a time for sharing and making peace, considering the fact, that God shared his love with the world by giving his Son to save mankind.

He reminded Ghanaians of the uniqueness of the birth of Christ and urged all Ghanaians no matter their political, social or religious background to share in the new life the of birth of Christ had brought to the world and do away with acrimony and political difference, which he said, was getting out of hand in the country.

Reverend Dr. Albert Frank Anakwa, Cape Coast District Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, said as the birth of Christ brought peace Ghanaians should also ensure that Ghana 2008 football tournament as well as the campaign for the next year's elections was done in a peaceful atmosphere.

Rev. Wilberforce Wireko, Presiding Elder of the Cape Coast A.M.E Zion Church, also appealed to Christians to lead simple and modest lives to promote peace, love and good will.

He asked them to be law abiding and refrain anti-social activities that would undermine the security of the state and deplored the current spate of lust for money.

Rev. Wireko appealed to political parties to tolerate each other to ensure the maintenance of peace.

He thanked the government for assisting the church to construct a three-storey classroom block for its junior high school.