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17.12.2007 NPP News

NPP aspirants talk compromise

By The Sun
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The Sun newspaper reported on Tuesday that there is a hushed campaign among a group within the New Patriotic Party's presidential campaigners to field a compromise candidate, once the set-trend of a particular candidate alleged to be enjoying executive push continues to accelerate in blistering speed towards the finishing post.

According to the paper, the development has gathered so much moss that it is assuming worrisome proportions and may either undo or hold together the ruling party. Behind the scenes and out of the purview of NPP watchers, jealousy, envy, mudslinging, innuendos and cruelly-crafted lies are gaining currency on an alarming rate and seem to be adding inflammable fuel to the already burning furnace.

While the drawbacks look destructive, the Sun said it has learnt that the perceived executive support for one particular candidate far surpasses the rumours and negative talk in the air. Skin-on-head disciples of the NPP claim that, there looks to be two power blocks in the search for that winnable candidate which they agree, are represented in the persons of Messrs Alan Kyeremanten and Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

But utterly mesmerized by the leak, the Sun said it called former Local Government Deputy Minister Nkrabeah Effah Darteh, who was just axed from the presidential race but he had no ready answers, when he decided he would not comment.

According to him he had not heard of the said compromise candidate issue, even though he was a candidate vying for the top post all by himself. Obviously hard-pressed for a take by any of the presidential candidates, the Sun said its next port of call was former New York Bank vice-president Mr. Boakye Kyerematen Agyarko, who is also vying for the top job.

The well-read gentleman failed to understand just why such horse-trading development ought to crop up now, and admitted the development was news to him.

Mr. Agyarko Nti thought candidates should be able to run for the presidential slot with sound messages based on their own steam, and without support from any quarter because that would grossly be unfair.

The Sun said obvious target, Mr. Alan Kyerematen was last week vigorously campaigning everywhere, even though the fact of others ganging up on him may not have been lost on him.

The former Trade and PSI Minister has said on various fora that just as star players are targeted for vicious and wicked tackles, so is he the man all the other candidates desire to beat, a development he thought was not surprising in the least.

Also in that bracket of targeted chase remains former Foreign Minister Akufo Addo, who has had the misfortune of so much garbage being heaped on him.

The paper said it has discovered that on paper the two gentlemen appear to be the front-runners, which is why dirty rumours and the idea of a gang-up are punctuating the atmosphere consistently.

But as one delegate from a constituency in the Western Region told the Sun, “it is always the ripe mango fruit hungry kids aim at, when they go hunting for mangoes on the day of want.”

That being so, the NPP National Secretariat says it is its hourly prayer that events do not escalate negatively into disarray to gift the opposition NDC an unlikely and an unwelcome chance of assuming power yet again.

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