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01.11.2007 Editorial

Misfortune Of Kumasi


Of late, Kumasi is gaining notoriety for armed robbery, it is becoming a den for drug addicts and traffickers and a centre for general disobedience of law and order.

The present state of Kumasi must be the concern of all well-meaning Ghanaians, especially the good people of the city and others who hail from the Ashanti Region.

Kumasi, until recently, was noted for many good things. Apart from being the seat of the most respected king of the West African sub-region, if not the entire African continent, it is the richest region in Ghana.
If therefore all those good things about the “Garden City” would be thrown overboard and replaced with negative things, then the founding fathers of that great city would turn in their graves.
The poor situation is posing challenges to the good people of the city and the region. It is the duty of the people to revert the image of Kumasi to its former glory.

It is a well-known fact that supporters of Fabulous Asante Kotoko would never allow the good image of their dear football club to be dragged in the mud even in defeat.

It is in the same vein that Ashantis would fight to the hilt to defend the reputation of Kumasi. The tight defence is now being threatened by unscrupulous persons.

The people of the city, not necessarily the Ashantis alone but all residents of the city, must gird their loins to raise the city from the low ebb that it has sank so far.

This would not be easy as it would attract opposition and insults from the perpetrators of those acts. However, it must be done by all means to rescue the good name of Kumasi, especially at this time when the country is expected to host the 26th edition of the Cup of Nations, Ghana 2008.

From all indications those notorious nation-wreckers would be determined to visit their criminal activities on visitors for a dual purpose; first, for their personal gains, and second, to soil the reputation of the country and portray to the outside world that after all, things are not rosy in the country as is being portrayed.

However, it is not only Kumasi which needs to be rescued from the predicament. Accra, Sekondi-Takoradi, Tamale and many other urban communities need to be saved from the activities of those unscrupulous people.

Any nasty event would carry the bad image of the country to the four corners of the world. Similarly, a good behaviour of our people would project the country as heaven on earth to the people.

DAILY GUIDE urges residents of Kumasi and all Ghanaians to join the law enforcement agencies to drive away the miscreants from the midst of the good people of Ghana.

The paper says such an action would go a long way to revert Kumasi to its former glory and also ensure peace during the 26th edition of Ghana 2008.