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20 September 2007 | Editorial Blog

Congrats GPHA

It is heart-warming that the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) is planning to construct another modern container terminal at the Tema Port to reduce congestion.

The construction of the new facility has become necessary in view of the increasing container traffic at the port.

A significant quantity of the containers are for Ghana's landlocked neighbours, mainly Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger.

Since the early sixties, when the Tema Harbour was constructed, various constructional works had been carried out there.

Currently, it can be said that significant expansion works have been done at the port.

The latest expansion project undertaken there earlier this year was christened Golden Jubilee Terminal to commemorate the country's jubilee year. It is to provide an improved level of service for port users.

Indeed, the GPHA has achieved a lot for the country in maritime transport and contributed immensely to the national economy. It as well employs a good number of the youth. The sector is one of the few that rake direct revenue into the national coffers.

However, some port users and importers question the honesty of some workers at the harbour. They complain about lack of patriotism in the work of those port workers.

Others also question the integrity of a section of workers at the ports, who they accuse of petty pilfering.

There is frequent pilfering of gadgets in vehicles as well as imported food items at the harbours.

Although those incidents seem insignificant, they are serious matters of concern. This is why the Justice Baidoo Committee has been established to look into such pertinent issues.

Now that Ghana has become a transit point for some of its neighbouring countries those acts must be discouraged, in order to build a good image for the country and boost the confidence that those countries have in Ghana.

General security at the ports need to be made water-tight to ensure the safety of goods.

Since the Ports and Harbours Authority is a very reliable revenue earner for the country, the government must respond positively to its problems to encourage it to work harder.

We suggest that since the two harbours in the country have closed circuit TV coverage, that facility must be put to maximum use to check malfeasance at the ports.

DAILY GUIDE congratulates GPHA on its plans to move towards its goals to achieve the best for the country.

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