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19.05.2007 General News

NPP does not stand to gain from ROPAL - Mac Manu

National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Peter Mac Manu has said the party was not maneuvering to gain from the implementation of the Representation of People Amendment Law (ROPAL).

Speaking during an interaction with the media at a three-day workshop for constituency executives and district chief executives in the Western Region at Takoradi, Mr Mac Manu said the NPP did not have a hand in the implementation of the ROPAL by the Electoral Commission (EC).

He said the final decision on whether it would be feasible to implement the ROPAL in the 2008 rested on the EC.

Mr Manu told media personnel that the NPP was law-abiding and would accept the decision of the EC on the ROPAL saying the EC could delay the implementation of the law until the appropriate time.

Mr Mac Manu said the National Democratic Congress (NDC) was playing a double game and was taking the country for a ride because it had opened offices in Togo and Cote d'Ivoire while opposing the ROPAL.

Lord Commey, National Organizer, said the NDC, as the leading opposition party did not have a case in walking out of the recent EC consultative stakeholders meeting on the ROPAL.

He said it did it make sense for the NDC to approach democracy the way they were acting adding that such acts could destroy the country's democratic process.

Source: GNA