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06.05.2007 General News

Development hope for Volta region


The Coalition for Peace and Development in Buem (COPADIB), a pressure group, is initiating plans to mobilize the human and natural resources of the Buem Traditional Area, in the Jasikan District of the Volta region to boost development.

Mr Isaka Buraima, President of the COPABID, who announced this at the weekend, said the group had formed an education and culture committee as part of efforts to achieve this objective.

He hinted that an agriculture committee had also been established to identify and assist the people in harnessing agricultural potentials in the area to create employment and improve the standards of living of the people.

Mr Buraima was speaking at a mini congress, organised by the COPADIB, on the theme: "Development through Education," for delegates drawn from the various towns in Buem at Jasikan.

He called on the people to ensure peace and unity in the area to facilitate development.
Mr Buraima noted that although conflicts were bound to occur, they should be resolved in such a manner that would strengthen the ties between the people for progress.

He said: "COPABID would therefore, focus on developing a framework aimed at strengthening the unity of the people since constructive resolution of conflicts would help to reinforce peace and unity."

He called on citizens of Buem both at home and abroad to contribute meaningfully to the socio-economic development of the area, stressing: "There is no place like home."

The Coalition is a non-partisan pressure group, formed in 2005 to promote peace and development at Buem.

Source: GNA