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11.04.2007 General News


By Kofi Unbeez

..Downing panties abroad..Downing panties abroad

What the hell is wrong with that Guna woman? Soon, fleet will meet fleet!

Doesn't she weigh the importance of a story before, putting it in print?

Sometime ago, she came out with a screaming headline, declaring 'JJ” as a person non grata, in the United States, following a suit filled by a fake Acheampong, who also is an ex-convict to boot.

That case was eventually thrown into dustbin.

Now, it is another ban “imposed” on “JJ' in Britain, because, a mad woman, who once displayed her smelly 'spare-parts” in public had filed a suit against him.

There must be a name for some one, who takes up, seriously, any story from such a woman, whose brain has run into a ditch.

The boys know the name, but won't state it now. They will do so at the appropriate time …and sooner than later.

By the way is that paper, set up by that kenkey-lawyer , having no other object, apart from that of destroying the image of “JJ”?

If, that's the case, the boys will also soon spill the beans, including the visa deals, as well as that of downing, panties, abroad. And it will be “butu butu” !!!

Copying blindly Copying blindly

There certainly must be a reason why some people are calling themselves Mayors in Ghana.

Indeed, both those who describe the city heads and those, who respond to the title, must look for a copy of the constitution to end their display of ignorance, gracefully.

Otherwise, one-day, some one will order these functional literates in the face to liberate themselves from colonial mentality and stick to the constitutionally –designated position, as metropolitan chief executives.

Since the British have not changed their title to that of “Omanhene” or “Odikro”, why should we ape the former colonialists and behave like their running dogs.

Meanwhile, some chiefs are calling their wives “ladies” and what nots.

What a pity!

It will be recalled that, the title lady was given to the “number one” wives of some 'konkonsah” officials and chiefs, who in the colonial era, played stooge and were rewarded with the OBE titles, then referred to in derogatory terms as “Obra bone enumnyam” (a reward for their pro-colonial rule).

Fortunately, Ghanaians in top positions now know better and look on such honours, with little or no regard.

By their “fruits' ye shall know them, is the day's quotation.

An ignorant priest?An ignorant priest?

The Director of the St Joseph Catholic Hospital in Koforidua, Rev. Father John Oppong is reported to have commended the Government for the introduction of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) “which has improved health care delivery in the country.

“Since the inception of the NHIS” the priest said, “we no longer encounter problems with patient's inability to settle their medical bills, because those who have registered with the scheme are not over-burdened with the payment of bills”.

Lord have mercy.

Who told this priest that it is the NPP, which introduced the scheme? Is this man unaware that the NDC had initiated action on the scheme, on a pilot basis, before the NPP came to power?

Our priests are supposed to know the happenings on the ground, so if the “man of God” claims that the people are now settling medical bills, with smiles, then he certainly needs our prayers.

Fact is that Insurance card or no Insurance card, those with “special” cases”, rather than problems of headache and slight fever, are in the same soup.

Some are lying on floors at Korle Bu Hospital in Accra, detained for non-settlement of bills.

If “things are not happening” in his hospital, so be it.

But let not this priest generalize matters, about which he appears to be fully ignorant of.

To be or not to be…To be or not to be…

As the year 2008 approaches with speed, these are some top politicians, who are having nightmares, over their future.

These are the men, who ran away form their own parties and went to “chop komfi” from the plate of the elephants.

Now, the question is whether the “run-aways” are prepared to go back home or stay where they are now.

Problem is that those left behind cannot trust them, so also are they not trusted in the camp of those, who granted them access to the use of free accommodation, free air-conditioned cars, free trips abroad and free chops plus free “take-away”.

Man, power sweet!

So, do they have to take the risk to stay put and chop to the very last day, when the elephants are thrown away and get themselves thrown out as well?

The other alternative is for these “strangers” to resign honorably and forever keep their mouths shut in politics.

For what can such men say on platforms, when they return home – praise or criticize the elephants?

It is this dilemma, which is driving some to divide their tongues into two and crowning themselves as chief-liars, in the process.