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05.04.2007 General News

Watch These Anomalies, BoG

The decision by the Bank of Ghana (BoG) to re-denominate our currencies is most welcome. I, however, have observed a few irregularities from a leaflet printed nationwide by the BoG to educate Ghanaians and the general public on the re-denomination exercise.

This will be seen on the BoG leaflet (Re-denomination of the cedi - What you must know), especially the 5GP and 1GP and GHCedis2 between GHCedis5 and GHCedi1.

I am very sure that the information provided by the BoG on the leaflet is whole and complete. BoG has nothing more to tell the public.

One can easily envisage the inconveniences one will go through to change 5GP for a service or commodity sold at say 2GP or GHCedis5 for GHCedis2. In effect, one must fight hard to get three 1GP or GHCedis1 to effect such a change in the absence of 2GP or GHCedis2.

It will go a long way to make the aims of BoG to re-denominate the cedis successful only if 2GP and GHCedis2 are included in circulation, come July 2007.

The public must also be alerted on the 2GP and GHCedis2 to be in cluded in their education.

I have observed the madness, impatience, extortion, assaults and other negative tendencies associated with changing monies, especially at the lower denominations.

These are mostly observed in commercial buses or "trotro". At times, little things are despised. These are the very "viruses" that are denying the individuals their freedom and rights.

I am confident that BoG will take these suggestions seriously to include the missing GHcedis2 and 2GP timeously, so as to make the circulation of our much-awaited new currencies most welcome by all and sundry.

Seth Adu Nyarko,