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26.03.2007 General News

IGP petitioned over land guards


A number of developers at Asabahan and Amanfrom, near Kasoa have appealed to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to help stem the activities of land guards who were frustrating their efforts to develop parcels of land they had acquired in the area.

Mr Justice Acquaye, a spokesman for the developers said the land guards had re-demarcated already acquired and registered plots of land and were reselling them to new buyers.

According to Mr Acquaye, the land guards who were allegedly recruited from Nima in Accra and settled at Amanfrom were harassing and brutalising genuine owners of the land and their workers, seizing and stealing their personal belongings including mobile phones and cash.

Mr Acquaye said the land guards aided by one Mr Laryea, an official of the Ga West District Assembly at Amasaman, who had allegedly re-drawn a fake layout for the land guards, which they were selling with the help of another man named Mr Ashong, an unlicensed surveyor from Teshie in Accra.

He said the activities of the land guards in the area had become a serious threat to life and property as they had allegedly gained the support of some senior police officers and elders of the community who were benefiting from their generosity.

Mr Acquaye mentioned some of the land guards as Ahmed, Aminu and Sly, who had been recruited by one Dawda and settled at Amanfrom to monitor the activities of the developers

Source: GNA