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19.03.2007 General News

NGO interacts with garbage collectors

By : GNA

Two members of the Third Chamber, a Netherlands-based organization that advocates strengthened political support for international cooperation and sustainable development over the weekend interacted with garbage collectors at Oblogo rubbish site where they discussed micro-credit and recycling.

Hoite Spijkstra and Ms Isabelle Amorim arrived in Ghana over the weekend to ascertain the problems caused by second hand goods imported into developing countries.

The visit to the rubbish site was an opportunity for the members to see how imported items were disposed of and also to look at the possibilities of a recycling project.

It was also to seek funding for Ghanaians to start small enterprises with small loans without collateral for sustainable environmental projects.

Their findings would be presented to the Netherlands Government to enable it solicit special funding for micro-credits in terms of environmental protection in developing countries.

The project is also part of the commitment by members to present proposals to the Netherlands Government on how to improve development cooperation aid to developing countries.

The Third Chamber, an initiative by the Dutch-based National Commission for Sustainable Development Cooperation (NCDO), thus ensures public support for international development visible to relevant politicians in addition to making the voice of developing countries heard in the political and public debates in the Netherlands

Mr Spijkstra told the GNA that the visit would enable them to get the real picture of waste generated as a result of importation of second hand goods from developed countries and to make concrete recommendations to the Netherlands Government on the situation.

"We like to look for the possibility to start small enterprises with small loans without collateral."

He asked whether it should not be possible to invest in a good garbage collection system and sustainable recycling in Africa with “Removal Contribution”, money Dutch consumers paid when they bought new equipment.

A scavenger at the Oblogo rubbish site said such loans would facilitate their work.

Scavengers were seen sorting out plastic waste and metal waste which are bought by scrap dealers and plastic industries.

Source: GNA