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02.03.2007 General News

Independence Square gets set for Tuesday's festivities

By myjoyonline
Independence Square gets set for Tuesday's festivities

Finishing touches are being put to preparations at the Independence Square in Accra, venue for the March 6th parade to highlight the golden Jubilee celebrations of independence.

The Square was buzzing with a lot of activity on Friday morning.

Apart from the gathering of the various contingents that would be taking part in Tuesday's parade, there were a number of contractors with their personnel sprucing up the grounds.

Bulldozers and other heavy machinery could be seen operating behind the main Independence Arch.

Lawns were being watered, electrical fittings were being installed and robust plastic chairs for guests were being drilled into place under the concrete canopies that have been part of the square.

There were quite a few seats to be fitted, but the contractor was confident work will be complete on time.

Concrete balustrades coated with fresh white paint on the approaches to the square had added a lot of grandeur to the environs.

But in all, the square had seen some facelift.

At the main arch itself, a presidential dais projecting from the base had been finished and has a sophisticated canopy over it.

An elevator to convey the dignitaries onto the dais was been installed to save the visiting heads of state the enormous task of having to fly up 99 stairs to make their way to the top.

On the parade grounds, school children were practicing their gymnastic display accompanied by the mass band, which also assisted the contingents to tighten up their swings for the march past.

Ian Mitchell, the Bandmaster of the Irish Guards told Joy News he has been in the country for the past three weeks supporting the Ghana Armed forces to ensure that the parade turns out very well.